Wednesday, November 30, 2011

HRM Hillary to Visit Fellow Thugs in Burma

HRM Hillary Gets ready for her trip to Burma

Clinton to get first top-level peek at Myanmar in over 50 years

There's a real buzz at the NLD office, but they are quick to remind you that they won the last freely contested election, in 1990, by a landslide, only to have the result annulled by the generals.

A monk-led uprising four years ago was crushed by the generals.

Clinton will meet with President Thein Sein on Thursday and will likely push for faster democratic change.
"Faster democratic change?" What in the hell does that bitch know about democracy, except using that word in speeches makes the sheeple feel good.

Yes, here we go again. The Imperial Empire of the USSA is sending the Wicked Witch of the West, HRM Hillary, to kiss up to the thuggish generals that have Burma/Myanmar in a vice-like grip.

Don't be fooled by the Zionist MSM praising Burma for finally opening up to the world. They're wanting more power and weapons to keep the Burmeses people under lock and key.

The world's largest arms dealer, the Pentagon, will gladly provide those instruments of death, as long as the Burma Junta agrees to let the USSA build military bases and naval installations in the Zionists and American Neocons long range plans to encircle China with force and let them know who really runs the world.

An added advantage is that we can always conjure up some excuse to declare war on China, that way we won't have to pay back the trillions and trillions of dollars we've borrowed from that nation.

We've been told that the military junta, ruling Burma since 1962, was dissolved in 2011 following a general election in 2010 and a civilian government installed.

Another Zionist lie. Burma is no more free than the deluded citizens of the USSA, who think they can actually cite the Bill of Rights while peacefully protesting and getting a faceful of mace, clubbed and arrested in the process of trying to use their inalienable rights.

The past and present Burmese generals who really rule the nation have decades of experience in teaching uppity Burmese their place, so don't buy into HRM Hillary's 'goodwill' trip; it's just two gangs holding a set down to talk out how to further loot Burma and keep China on the hot seat.

The Burma Military Junta has killed thousands and thousands, in order to keep their power and no fancy talk coming from the lying lips of HRM Hillary will change that.

The Burma ruling thugs are so mean spirited, that when Cyclone Nargis devasted that nation in 2008, the generals refused and delayed help from countries around the world, adding to the misery and death toll that was probably several hundred thousand.

Burma's Junta drafted their 'Constitution,' so how much can people desiring to be free expect from those who have enslaved them for decades?
International human rights organisations including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the American Association for the Advancement of Science have repeatedly documented and condemned widespread human rights violations. There is consensus that the military regime in Burma is one of the world's most repressive and abusive regimes. They have claimed that there is no independent judiciary in Burma.

The Freedom in the World 2011 report by Freedom House notes that "The military junta has long ruled by decree and controlled all executive, legislative, and judicial powers; suppressed nearly all basic rights; and committed human rights abuses with impunity.The junta carefully rigged the electoral framework surrounding the 2010 national elections, which were neither free nor fair.
Source: Wikipedia

Elections that aren't free nor fair? Sounds like the USSA, doesn't it, where the PTB steal elections to get assholes like Bush 'elected' or use their Zionist MSM to bring a CFR/Bilderberg selected candidate for POTUS, like Mr. Hope and Change.

Seen much change lately? Do you even have any change in your pockets or has it been stolen by the greedy pigs at those Zionist owned, Jewish run 'Too Big to Jail' Wall Street gangster outfits?

And how's your hope for the future?

Burma is a country that has an unknown amount of natural resources, like oil and Natual Gas, plus the valuable wood teak and Burma produces precious stones such as sapphires, pearls and jade.

"Sapphires, pearls and jade?" Anytime shiny trinkets are to be had, you can damn well bet that a 'SLC' on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean is involved and you'd be right.

Israeli arming of Burma-Myanmar junta

Did I also mention that Burma has long been the source of heroin, which mob families like the Bushes and Clinton's like to control and make tremendous amounts of money from selling that horrible drug.

Free Burma

In the end, it will be BAU for the USSA's Imperial Empire, getting into bed with the sadistic fucks in Burma who will still be in charge, no matter how many lies the Zionist MSM tell you about bringing freedom to Burma.


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