Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Smell a RAT and ITS Name is Rex....

As in Rex Sinquefield, the co-founder and past co-chairman of Dimensional Fund Advisors Inc., a registered investment advisor with over $100 billion under management.

Sinquefield and his advisors meet for a strategy session


Sinquefield has so far donated close to TWELVE MILLION DOLLARS to the "Let Voters Decide" initiative which would replace Missouri's state income tax with an increase in the sales tax.

He's also a billionaire, and we all know how much love those Wall Street billionaires types have for us 'little people.' Just look at what they've done to the economy since the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 to help the poor and middle class.
Anti-income tax group seeks to cap combined sales taxes at 10 percent

Let Voters Decide, the group seeking to eliminate Missouri's income tax, today submitted two new initiative-petition proposals -- both which would cap all state and local sales taxes so they jointly levy no more than 10- cents on every dollar spent.

The group earlier had submitted nine similar initiative petitions, with the aim of getting at least one on a 2012 statewide ballot. The effort is being bankrolled largely by wealthy financier Rex Sinquefield, who believes that Missouri's economy would improve without a state income tax.
Gosh, you don't think Rex is trying to reduce his tax burden and shift it to those trying to buy food do you?

The group, says this:
What is Let Voters Decide?

Let Voters Decide is a non-partisan, statewide coalition of Missourians. We want jobs for all people who are willing and able to work. We believe that working families in Missouri should not be taxed more than once for the things that they need and use, like their paycheck.
Sorry, Rexy, but you and one other guy, your campaign manager that donated around 5K doesn't make up a 'non-partisan, statewide coalition of Missourians," it's just a couple of billionaires who are trying to delude Missourians into thinking that by reducing the tax rate on billionaires will mean they'll have more money to invest in job creation.


That's called 'supply-side' economics, which was nick-named 'trickle down' economics that was started in the Reagan administration and pushed by Arthur Laffer, who's also on Rexy's payroll advocating we reduce the tax rate on those poor, barely able to get by Missouri millionaires and billionaires so they'll create more jobs.

That's worked splendidly since then, don't you think?

Any more of this nonsense and what jobs are left in Missouri will trickle away overseas, since some of the money the ultra-rich save will be used to bribe and corrupt even more of the Congress to lower the Fed taxes they barely pay, which will allow them to ship even more of their businesses and manufacturing plants overseas.

These super rich are the ones that own the corporations, most of which pay NO tax now, so Rex wants even more?

Rex has gotten so pissed at the Missouri Secretary of State on how the ballot proposal would be worded--it contained too many truths--that he's filed suit against the state to word the ballot proposal HIS way.
Sinquefield's Tax Reform Labeled "Fiscally Untenable"; Could Require 12% Sales Tax

An analysis of nine ballot initiatives financier Rex Sinquefield submitted to state officials this month calling for the elimination of Missouri's income tax has concluded that the state would require a sales tax of 12 percent in order to make up for lost revenue if any of the initiatives became law.

And it wouldn't just be retail items that would have to be taxed under the analysis funded by Missourians Against Higher Taxes. Everything would be taxed -- including the rent for your apartment and a trip to visit your doctor.

By the way, this analysis wasn't done by some left-wing hack either. James Moody, the state's former budget director under Republican Gov. John Ashcroft, crunched the numbers. In his report submitted to Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich last month, Moody calls Sinquefield's petitions "fiscally untenable."

"They will either bankrupt the state, or in the alternative, bankrupt the poor and the working lower and middle income classes," writes Moody, who for 14 pages goes on to debunk the assertions of Sinquefield's think tank Show-Me Institute and other advocates of so-called "Fair Tax" proposals.
Since the Latin word for King is 'REX,' I hereby dub Sinquefield 'King Rat!'


  1. 12%? That even tops our 9.75% which includes food.

    All these bastards like Rex are trying to exploit the climate of 'tax reform' to steal more from the poor and middle class and fatten their own pockets. F 'em.

  2. From looking at the Missouri Ethics Commission site that lists Rex's donations to his pet project, it looks like he tried to get it on the ballot in 2010, but failed.

    So he's making the BIG push for 2012.

    Sales taxes are what keeps small towns and cities in MO operating, funding schools and other worthwhile projects.

    If this passes, those towns will dry up and wither away, since the people won't want to pass any more sales tax proposals to save their towns.

    How much is enough for these greedy bastards?

    I don't know, it's like a dick measuring contest, with one multi-billionaire declaring "Mine's bigger than yours."

    Mine being his pile of money looted from the poor and middle class.

  3. You know guys, I'm not sure what my opinion on this matter is. I am no tax expert, and have probably been getting ripped off since I've been filing to tell you the truth. All I know is that I fucking hate the fact that I am being taxed for working hard for my employer everyday. And that money is going to the federal government Social Security, no benefits, nothing really. Well, we do get lots of war, death, destruction, and tyranny. By the time I'm eligible for Social Security it will be a crummy little IRA account losing money every month and paying out $150 bucks if I'm lucky.

    Taxes are all a fraud, any way you look at it. Yeah, I suppose we need ways to build roads, infrastructure, schools, ect. - but we need decent, honest people running the show to do it right. Should we just secede as individuals from the United States of America? Let's do it! OK, you guys send me $100 each, and I'll have individualized blogger passports for us all! Deal?

    On one last serious note, I'm just trying to be prepared for whatever. I'm considering closing my bank accounts, and going strictly with credit union. Having good food, water, ect stored, you know, stuff like that. Not much else I can do other than that I suppose...I just feel like shit is going to hit the fan in the next year or two.

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