Wednesday, November 2, 2011

There was no Assassination Attempt on the Saudi Ambassador, so Let's Bomb Syria

Notice how the Obama maniacs are slowly slipping away from this fraud?

But they've managed to come up with more BS involving Syria, a country that Israel wants destroyed so that it can permanently retain control of the rich water supply of the Golan Heights, which Israel stole from Syria in their 1967 War of Aggression.
UN examines Syria-Pakistan nuke tie

Satellite images have provided U.N. investigators with fresh evidence that the Syrian government once worked with A.Q. Khan, the world's most prolific nuclear weapons merchant.

The images reveal that a complex in northwest Syria appears to match Khan's designs for a uranium enrichment plant that were sold to Moammar Gahafi's government in Libya, officials told The Associated Press.

Details of the Syria-Khan connection were provided to the AP by a senior diplomat with knowledge of IAEA investigations and a former U.N. investigator. Both spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue.

IAEA officials contacted Tuesday also declined to comment. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said that Syria should cooperate with the IAEA.

"We remain concerned about whether Syria is meeting its obligations to the IAEA," she said. "Their clandestine nuclear program remains an issue of grave concern."
Who are these anonymous types that know so much?

Do they remain anonymous for security reasons or will their names reveal they're just a couple of 'Tribe' members, hiding from sight while telling lies?

And why isn't Israel's clandestine nuclear program of 'grave concern?"

There was no Assassination Attempt on the Saudi Ambassador pt 1

There was no Assassination Attempt on the Saudi Ambassador - pt2

If there wasn't such a serious push to use this FALSE FLAG as an excuse to do the 'Tel Aviv Terror Masters' bidding and bomb the hell out of Iran and destroy Syria in the process, this would be comical.

After all, if you wanted to 'whack' someone, would you hire a drunken, pot-smoking used car dealer and then tell him who was behind the alleged plot?

"Mr. Nobel Peace Prize Winner, while you are groveling before your Zionist NWO Masters, make sure they see this article about Russia and Syria."
‘We won’t let Syria become 2nd Libya’ – Russian FM

Russia will not allow the repetition of the Libyan scenario in Syria, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said after a meeting with the Co-operation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf in Abu-Dhabi.

­“We do not support regimes, we support international law,” Lavrov reiterated Moscow’s stance on Syria. Russia insists on mediating dialogue between the authorities and opposition in the country and this position is reflected in the draft resolution of Russia and China.


1 comment:

  1. Hey Greg

    the US and Israel have been saving up the syria/nukes story for some time now.

    It has been on the back burner since at least 2008.

    Just simmering away there, ready on a moments notice.

    NYSC: left an interesting link at my place

    some of the stuff there is priceless

    put simply this is just another rabbit in the hat

    And yes, the Golan Heights is coveted by Israel, just coveted
    Israel has been hot and heavy in the destabilization of Syria since the beginning, way back in march.

    There was even news yesterday that Syria was laying mines "to target fleeing refugees"
    Which is bullshit.
    I do believe they are laying mines and it is to stop the infiltration via Lebanon.

    But it is all bad syria, bad, bad, bad
    What the media didn't even bat an eye on was the fact that Israel laid mines in August/11.
    In the occupied Golan Heights to target people fleeing from Syria

    Turkey was leaving a massive mine field in place (one they had agreed to remove)

    Also to target fleeing refugees

    Anyway, won't bore you with it all

    if this grabs your attention It is fully covered in this post at my place

    Sooooo much bullshit, so little time to cover it all


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