Saturday, March 3, 2012

What a Friend we Have in Israel!

Just look at all the love shared over the decades.

We just LUV Israel so much, we give them each year an unknown and if you include the Zionist owned Federal Reserve and the Zionist owned Wall Street banks, an unlimited amount of free money!

We either give them advanced weaponry free or sell it to them at cost, a favor they return by reverse-engineering the weapon, building it in Israel, slapping a Yid sounding name on it and selling it to countries like Communist China.

At the United Nations, we're always there standing--usually alone--when we Veto a Security Council resolution that just condemned Israel's latest barbaric and murderous act in Gaza or Lebanon or the West Bank or the High Seas.

When Israel wants some Muslim nation either attacked or sanctioned to death, the WH and Congress are more than happy to oblige.

Which makes many brain dead Americans happy, since they've been brainwashed by the Zionists, who own 96% of the MSM and are always telling what a sweet, kind, lovely, generous country Apartheid Israel is and you'd better support 'Eretz Israel,' or you're unpatriotic.

Feels good being a 'happy' patriot, doesn't it?

When MOSSAD spies are caught spying and or stealing vital secrets, we either ship them back to Israel--most likely with a behind the scenes apology--or someone 'waddles' in and helps free them and send them back to the land they stole from Palestinians.

And don't forget the business, industrial and military contracts that are given to Israel, which shuts down factories here in the States, but keeps Israeli's fat and happy.

For all that and more, Israel was so grateful, this is what they gave us:




It Wasn't Muslims



  1. Oh yeah, such a deal.

    What if the coming Iran war is calculated by Rothschild zionists and the plan is for USA and israel to be expunged from the face of the earth in order to usher in the new zionist world order and SDRs?

    Yes, what if israel and USA are naively egging each other on to throw the first punch in the Syria/Iran theater of war yet the real plan is for both israel and USA to be wiped off the map during the resulting WWIII?

    There is no honour amongst thieves and US secret services and Mossad have both proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are dishonourable (9/11).

    It's going to be one of those 'kill them all and let God figure it out' moments orchestrated by the zionist Rothschild international killing machine.

  2. It's going to be one of those 'kill them all and let God figure it out' moments orchestrated by the zionist Rothschild international killing machine.

    They've pretty much got all the world's wealth, which will keep them protected if the SHTF.

    But the other 99% will be thrown back to living in the Dark Ages, if you're still alive.

  3. I don't want to be around if true feudalism returns. But I don't think it will come to that; the darkness we face is on so very many levels.

    Mouser, I have sometimes considered Tel Aviv and NYC and Moscow to be joined in their ventures. America is being squeezed dry and more to come.

    Then there is BRICS. Never lose sight of this group.

    It will be an interesting ride. But have your bags packed.

  4. It will be an interesting ride. But have your bags packed.

    I've got something(s) packed and loaded and it sure ain't any bags.

    As for an actual World War, don't think they really want that, since it would take all the fun out of running their global plantation.

    They would much rather fuck with our minds, scaring us witless so they can keep stealing and killing people all over the world in the name of freedom.


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