Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Barack 'Obamastein' is 'da Man

Notice that fuel prices have been dropping the last few weeks? This is the time of year when they usually rise, since Wall Street knows they can put the screws to us peons who can afford to take a vacation.

Why is that? Why are fuel prices dropping instead of rising?

Because the Zionist owned Fed, their Wall Street banks and their control over most of our government is letting us 'little people' think our hijacked government is watching out for our needs.

But don't be fooled. Apartheid Israel and their cronies in NY and DC are more than happy with 'Barack Obamastein' and want him back as president, not matter what the buffoons on the Zionist owned MSM are saying about how close the race between potential Republican candidate Romney and 'Barack' is.

It's just another con being played on 'We the People,' so don't fall for it.

Don't help give them what they want; another four years of that lying, double-crossing, murderous buffoon 'Barack.'

Vote for an independent. It probably won't change the outcome, but the more people that vote makes it more difficult for the Zionists in charge of the 'United States of Israel to steal another election.

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  1. Since Obama I realize the presidential campaigns are no more than Chuck Barris type entertainment.


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