Monday, May 7, 2012

"Do You Want to get Shot with a Gun or Stabbed with a Knife"

That's basically the choice give to you if you vote Republican or Democrat in the upcoming Fall elections.

The 'BIG LIE," is that if you don't vote for Republican or Democrat is that you're wasting your vote.

DON'T buy that lie. If on the local level, you know and trust who's running for a county or city office, go ahead and vote for one of the major parties. But on the state and national level, you're pissing away your vote if you give to one of the two gangs running and ruining this nation, the Republicans and Democrats.

Both the Republicans and Democrats are just one big mob, taking turns at picking over what's left of our bones whenever their president is in office. As for 'We the People,' they don't give a rat's ass about us peons, except to lie to us to send out kids off to wars to get killed stealing 3rd world countries natural resources or serving their Israeli masters, who control the MSM; the Fed and Wall Street and the WH.

Both party's view Americans with suspicion and fear, and they always pass laws that gut what's left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights to keep us corralled.

That way, they can go on their merry way, robbing us blind in broad daylight while they live like royalty.

So this Fall, be smart and find a 3rd party candidate to vote for and to hell with the mobsters running this nation.



  1. Hi Greg,

    obongo is bending realllly his best for some gay dollar bills at hollyweird.

    mutt romney on the other hand, was a bully. Oh yeah, he picked on a gay(assumed)boy during prep school.

    One is a nelly and the other one is a bully. Great choices we are left with!

    Why even bother with the voting process? Let israhell decide that for us, like everything else.

  2. Why even bother with the voting process? Let israhell decide that for us, like everything else.

    Don't give up on voting, even though Israel--spelled ISTEAL in Yiddish--will probably help steal again into the WH, the more people that vote, the more difficult it is for them to hijack the results.
    Let the bastards work for their thievery.


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