Friday, July 13, 2012

YAY, We're #1!"

The USA is #1 in church attendance and also, #1 for child abuse and neglect, and we're close to the top in the number of violent crimes committed each year.

What does that say about our national psyche?

Do so many attend church to help rid themselves of the negative feelings surrounding our hijacked government's murderous mission to wipe Islam off the face of the Earth?

On the other hand, this pollster believes that about half the people that say they attend church each week lie about attending.

How is it that a county that professes to be so religious can also hold the world's record for child abuse and be close to the top in the number of violent crimes committed, year in and year out?

If you narrow this down to the 26 richest countries on Earth, then the USA also leads in suicides..... Just listening to 'Twitt' Romney or 'Barry Sotero' blab about getting into the WH is enough to make anyone jump.

Maybe all this killing and destruction we've been engaged in since 9/11 is catching up with us?



  1. This Talmudic country is also the #1 bitch of Israel and the global Jewish mafia, something to be reeeeeal proud of, huh? This place is such a hellhole man...

  2. This place is such a hellhole man...

    That's why we also lead the way in the number of people that like to wave their flag, real fast and real hard ;)

    Just think, no days, no one has to read "1984" since we're living the story!


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