Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blasphemy is OK, but don't ask questions about the Holocau$t


Why do Zionist flunkies like HRM Clinton rush to defend free speech when a defamatoryefamtory video comes out, slamming a major religion's prophet, but rush to defend the many laws, mostly in Europe, that say it is VERBOTEN to question the holocau$t?

At least 17 European nations have laws on the books, saying you may not ask questions about the world's largest money making racket--tying with the illegally formed Federal Reserve--and many of these suborned nations will also toss you in jail, merely for asking questions about this Zionist scam.

Yet when wealthy Jewish donors help fund another film that denigrates Islam, various Zionist lap dogs and Israeli-Firsters rush to the scene of the crime, loudly braying that they're interested in protecting Free Speech, so let the film play.

Just don't ask questions about the holocau$t, even in the USA, where mandatory teaching of the holocau$t scam is on the books in many states.... Look it up in your state's laws.

One state, California, has passed a resolution that makes it VERBOTEN to ask legit questions about Apartheid Israel.

Surely we're not being brainwashed by a certain cult religion that is wanting the USA to bomb Iran, are we?

Google 'funny pics of Mohammed' and you'll get numerous pics and over 1,400,000 links.

Google 'funny pics of Yahweh' and you'll get NO pics of YWHH and obnly 184,000 hits.

The only one I could find that kinda poked fun at the cult religion's gawd mocked Christianity more than Judaism.


"Tales of the Holohoax" A Journal of Satire

P.S. Is it just me, or does the slandering and libeling of Christianity and Islam seem to happen regurlarly, while the cult of Judaism never gets mud tossed on its Torahibble Scrolls?

Unless you want to be slammed and villified as a nasty, anti-Semite.


  1. As a Canadian I realized free speech was going up here when my friends were arrested and charged for honest commentary on the Holocaust. I dun care, I still post and take my chances but we both know that is NOT how it should be... anywhere.

    Well Greg it is like this...

    "IMAGINE, Can you just IMAGINE Ladies and Gentlemen, the shredding of clothes, the howling, the wailing, the gnashing of teeth, the OUTCRY around the world to be, of course, picked up by the Christian Zionist community (who does nothing when Jesus is mocked) should anyone do such a thing, or even THINK of it, as post such a sketch of Maimonides or... oh this would be rich, that horrid little Rabbi Schneerson!

    And... while I am at it... these same people still accept the torture of innocent chickens ... waving them over the heads of everyone including newborns so that the hapless birds ABSORB the sins (of the newborn) and then are very cruelly decapitated, blooded and taken home for dinner. Can you spell Voodoo? Yet this ridiculous old act is now enshrined as "merely tradition" but ... hey, isn't it a rather primitive superstitious act on the whole let alone a very bad time to have hatched from and egg?

    Of course this cleansing of sins allows them to recite the Kol Nidre then go out in mobs and stone Arabs.

    All in the name of religion... the ONLY religion that matters on this planet according to these folks.

    Remember too, Greg, that unknown to the common folks, in most of these countries the Noahide Laws are already secretly signed as well. And they prohibit, on threat of beheading, any worship of Jesus.

    But bring on those chickens!

    I consider this all prepping.

    As for SOME Muslims, we know that their adherence to Mohammed, pbuh, blinds them at times and this is used against them. This is what I consider blasphemy being used as a weapon of war... weaken, disperse, discredit, divide, yada yada yada. Most are tools as bent out of shape by USrael's Arabian Wahhabi or Salafi toadies.

    I see this forbidding as the equivalent of the fingers plugging holes in a rotting overflowing dike. EVENTUALLY the waters of truth will flood through and no one will be able to escape it.

    BTW congrats on that great work with Beulahman on Nuttypoopoo at the UN.

  2. Noor, Noahide Law was passed into effect here in the States in the 1990's but all we hear about is the trumped up non-existent threat of the coming Sharia Law.

    Like the old saying goes, Admit nothing, deny everything and make counter-accusations.

    Zionism 101


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