Thursday, October 25, 2012

Israel's 9/11 "To Do" Checklist

1. On 9/11/2001, set off the world's biggest false-flag against our ally, friend, financial backer, weapons depot and all around gullible sucker, the USA using Arab patsies, MOSSAD agents, mercs, CIA cutouts, katsas running White House and Pentagon traitors and our world-wide system of sayanim.... Check.

2. Use the terror and tragedies of that day to turn the USA into a carbon-copy of Israel; a seething collection of violent, out of control blood-thirsty Muslim haters who take glee in killing Arabs (and Persians) we want butchered...Check.

3. Hide behind the USA's Global War of Terror to terrorize, incarcerate and kill more Palestinians so we can continue on with our decades long plan of stealing ALL of Palestine... Check.

4. Use our 'katsas,' strategically placed in the major MSM outlets we either own or control to further brainwash Americans into thinking Iraq was tied to 9/11, is a menace to the USA and trick those fools into invading that nation... Check.

5. Use MOSSAD agents to set off IED's and car bombs in Iraq, that our MSM outlets will blame on Muslims tied to 9/11, to keep Americans seething with hatred for decades and keep their sons and daughters dying in Iraq--and soon Iran--for the Greater Glory of Zionism... Check.

6. Continue to use our katsas--running our MSM sayanim--to poison American minds into thinking that Iran is some sort of threat to the USA (and tied into 9/11) so they'll attack that nation. Use some of the same lies and psyops that worked during the run up to the Iraq invasion... Check.

7. Use our strategically placed sayanim at all levels of the federal judiciary to confuse, delay and deny any attempts by 9/11 victims family members to seek truth and justice... Check.

8. Use our media outlets to confuse, distract and keep in constant terror Americans with stories about 9/11 fictions and a non-existent 'al Qaeda,' and clog up their minds with lurid tales of celebrity and sports figure sex stories and gossip so they won't notice our agents like Bernie Madoff looting hundreds of billions of dollars from their retirement accounts and pension plans, while our sayanim in the Federal Reserve and select Wall Street bank loot trillions from America. (P.S. Make sure none of that toxic Mortgage Backed Security crap is sold to or in Israel!).... Check.

9. Use some of that wealth stolen from Americans to bribe and corrupt their leaders so that anytime a Congressmember or State Department official or their President uses the words Arab or Muslim or Islam or Iran, that they also mention 9/11.... Check.

10. Keep using disturbing images and planted stories about 9/11, created by our people at MOSSAD Studios in Herzliya to continue to confuse and warp American minds so Israel can keep sucking the lifeforce, blood, wealth and treasure from our American hosts until they collapse and lie on the ground, looking like a skeleton that's been picked clean by vultures... Check and Double-Check!


  1. Their plan seems to be going just as they want.

    And our folks just twiddle their thumbs... loving it.

  2. And our folks just twiddle their thumbs... loving it.

    And the other thumb is on the nuclear trigger, ready to blast Iran into oblivion.

  3. Great post Greg, this needs to be read by every single American!


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