Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The REAL White Man?

Disclosure: I am white, on both sides of my family, yet I still don't understand what the 'White Man' has done and continues to do to Mother Earth.

Where did the White Man come from? Look at the indigenous people from around the world, and they all have dark skin, dark hair, dark eyes, so where did the blonde hair, blue-eyed devil come from?

Whose DNA is in my body?

From the beautiful, and seriously warped mind of Steve Cutts:)


  1. I am proud to say that I am Proud To Be White.

    Dana White can suck my ass.


  2. The people who are destroying this planet, and exterminating humanity, come in all shapes, sexes, creeds, and COLOURS! One thing all these people share in common is that they are materialists who do not believe in the divine creator, so they do not show respect for that which is divinely sacred. Instead they only see the dollars that can be made from destroying the sacred. This is what 'idol worship' is. It comes straight from Old Babylon and is known as Ba'al Worship. For those who think the ROMAN Catholic Church were God's children think again, because I don't recall Christ doing any of the things that the Roman Catholic Church did. A real Christian would no more rape, pillage and steal then a vegetarian would sit down and eat a steak. The grand deceiver always presents itself as that which it is not. If you do not know the difference between evil and good than you are part of the problem!

  3. Whoa...Great video,Greg!

    you have to watch this amazing show called "The Incredible Human Journey". One of the most fascinating docu. I've ever seen, when it comes to human evolution & origin.

    Human Journey

    You'll have four more episodes to watch after this. :)

    "Idea of race started in Renaissance when people began to travel widely and categorize things.
    Race means a taxonomic difference…i.e., different species with different genetics.
    Race is a folk taxonomy, or culturally created category with no biological basis."

  4. BM, this has nothing to do whether or not I'm or for that matter, you're proud to be white.

    I typed 'White Man' with capital letters to emphasize the stupidity of certain shitheads who are raping this planet, who are mostly 'White Men.'

    Musique, that video looks intriguing, got it tagged for viewing, since it's gonna take some tiem.

  5. BM, started to watch that Dana White video, but didn't care to waste time viewing stuff from UFC.

    Don't care for violent sports like 'shit kickee' UFC or the 'sweet science,' boxing.

    But that doesn't mean I won't use the 2nd Amendment to defend myself.


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