Monday, February 25, 2013

A Brainwashing TV Inc. Special

From the people who bring you the 'Hitler Channel,' the same channel that purports to be about history, but engages in various forms of porn, like war porn; monster porn, always looking for Big Foot and the ultimate porn, keeping alive the LIES surrounding the Biggest Lie of the 21st Century, the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11.

That would be the History Channel, one of the chief psyops outlet for 9/11 porn, which never tires of spinning lies and fabrications about that day of infamy. Lies which are applauded by Hollywood.

Some call the History Channel the 'McDonald's' of history. Junk food for the mind.

Here's a brief description of their latest brainwashing spectacle:
They are the best-trained and most skilled military operatives in the world. Smart, versatile and agile, they look danger in the eye even in the most perilous situations. But which warriors have the quickest draw, the sharpest aim and the stamina to blow out the competition?

Welcome to Ultimate Soldier Challenge, HISTORY's first-ever military competition series, which will decide who are the best special forces in the world. Each episode pits three elite squads of military operators in head-to-head competitions as they match skills, wits and guts until only one team is left standing.

Each week we put our three teams through five grueling challenges, from urban hostage rescue to long distance sniper challenges to hand-to-hand knife fighting, all designed to simulate real world combat environments.
The show I watched was this one:
Army 82nd Airborne vs. Israelis

Two front-line warriors from the U.S. Army's 82nd Airborne unit go head to head against commandos from the Israeli Defense Force--born and bred to defend the toughest turf on Earth. They also face a "Rogue" squad of private "guns for hire" contractors. Competitions include machine gun and assault rifle shooting tests, hand-to-hand fighting with knives, and a mission to retrieve essential equipment protected by an opposition force.
The soldiers from the 82nd won. The Israeli Occupation Force was eliminated early and they really looked lost during the contest. All those years of shooting kids in the head, and their pregnant mothers in the stomach has really paid off, as these two looked almost scared when play-fighting. No wonder Israel has to set off FALSE FLAGS around the world to get others to do their dirty work, their troops are too used to hiding behind napalm, WMD's and the USA.


Real combat with real fighters, like they found out when the last time they invaded Lebanon, means defeat for these Mama's Boys.

Here's a link to a short video of this war porn.

In the end, the 82nd Airborne won, besting what the 'Hitler Channel' called contractors, or mercenary's. What I call blood-thirsty ghouls, getting paid for shooting and killing anything that moves. Which is how they lost, they actually won the contest, but lost on a technicality; they were docked points for shooting too many civilians.

Here's a 'YOUBOOB' link, since I ain't going to post a video of this porn.


  1. Hey Greg:

    way back I mentioned a book to you called : The Holocaust Victims accuse

    Where some of the followers of Judaism point very specific fingers of blame at the elitist 'followers' of some sort of Judiasm.. or whatever?

    I really don't know?

    Putting all that aside

    Documents and testimony on Jewish War Criminals

    "How zionism and its high level organizations brought catastrophe upon our people"....

    Don't know if you have come across this in your travels at any time, but, it has recently come to my attention that the book is on scribd

    Some forgotten, never mentioned history

    read or not, as you wish

  2. You've got a good memory. I've marked that site and will get started on that book as soon as I finish the current one I'm reading, "History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire."

    Since the American Empire is in its twilight, thought I'd get some pointers.

  3. Hey Greg:

    "Since the American Empire is in its twilight, thought I'd get some pointers."

    It appears so

    I was listening to someone, somewhere... my memory isn't as good as I like, dam

    Anyway this person was saying chefs were "celebrities" in Rome prior to the fall

    I thought that odd
    considering chefs loom large these days..

    It would seem the more distraction required, the more celebrities one needs to wave in front of the hordes...

  4. It would seem the more distraction required, the more celebrities one needs to wave in front of the hordes...

    Bread and circuses back then, the Kardasians and Honey Boo Boo now.


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