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Why Hitler Had to Be Demonized....

"History is a pack of lies about events that never happened told by people who weren't there."

George Santayana

...... and still is being demonized in the M$M, whether it's in print, radio or on TalmudVision or the Internet or in our--did I say our?--schools, popular culture and politics. Try and research or discuss what effects Hitler and the Nazis had on the world in some nations and you'll wind up in prison.... or worse.

The author of "Under the Sign of the Scorpion," Juri Lina claims that the USSR was ruled by Jewish gangsters. Jewish gangsters who went on a blood curdling spree of mass-murder, genocide, torture, imprisonment and other sordid escapades that make the CIA'a activities since 1947 seem like child's play.

Meet some Jewish Commie butchers that swooped down on Russia like a swarm of psychotic, blood thirsty locusts, laying waste to everything in their sights.

One way the Bolshevik Jews liked to torture people...... If you know who really runs the USA, you'll understand why our troops and intelligence agencies have become so fond of torture.


The demonic assholes who brought forth Zionism, also spawned something called Communism, which is the hellish offspring of Zionism and some even say, Judaism.

"The ideals of Bolshevism at many points are consonant with the finest ideals of Judaism."

Jewish Chronicle, 4th April 1919 (London)

Hitler and Germany had to be demonized, then 'wiped off the face of the Earth' to teach the world a horribly bloody lesson; Don't fuck around with our central bank schemes, which Hitler did when he came to power in a Germany reeling from the onslaught of the Zionist engineered 'Great War' or as it's known now as World War One.

It was imperative to demonize Hitler to help cover up the millions and millions of Russians murdered by Jewish Bolshevik death squads, some that even used gas chambers on their victims. Gas chambers? Hmmm, where have we heard that before?

Huge Communist concentration camps were erected in Russia, now known as the USSR to imprison the 'useless eaters,' those deemed unworthy to live by their Communist Jew overlords. Concentration camps? Heard that story too, about SIX MILLION TIMES.

BTW, the Jewish holocau$t myth of the six million dead Jews? A fabrication created by the Commie Jew Ilya Ehrenburg, who exhorted Russian soldiers during WWII to slaughter German soldiers and rape their women. Read the following by this monster and see how the same insanity is applied today in Occupied Palestine:
"The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word 'German' is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word 'German' strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day ... If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime ... If you have already killed a German, then kill another one - there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don't count the days, don't count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! ... - Kill the Germans! Kill!"

Even now, when you research "useless eaters" most of the literary links claim this was a Nazi invented term, when it was actually crafted by terrorist Jews rampaging thru Russia.
Huge mass graves surround the major cities of the USSR. One containing 100,000 bodies was found in Kuropaty, six miles from Minsk. Every night from 1937 to June 1941, the NKVD lined people up at the grave side, gagged abd blind-folded. To save bullets, the executioners tried to kill two people with one shot.

At the peak of the terror, the NKVD began gassing people to death in lorries.

Stalin was under the influence of another Jew, Lazar Kaganovich (and married his sister.) Kaganowich played on Stalin's paranoia to murder over 20 million Communist party leaders, functionaries, and army officers, especially those aware of his nefarious deeds. Stalin and Kaganovich were after their rivals' gold.

At the peak of Stalin and Kaganovich's terror in 1937-38, executions reached 40,000 a month. Alexander Solzhenitsyn estimated a million executed and another two million died in death camps. Literaturnaya Rossiya estimated total deaths due to murder, induced starvation and maltreatment at 147 million, five million a year for the period 1918-1938.
There is so much history here to digest, which makes it difficult to condense into a blog.

Back to Hitler. Hitler had run out the international bankster gangsters who had plundered post-WWI Germany and were taking over that nation and in the process, starving many a German to death thru hyper-inflation.
Hitler's terminal error, in the bankster gangsters eyes was kicking out these vampires and putting Germany on its own nation-backed currency, and not a Federal Reserve type of swindle, which we here in the USA are beginning--hopefully--to see is a dead-end road that leads to misery, pain, suffering and eventually, death.

That kind of impertinence had to be taught a lesson, which the banksters did with their planned World War II. Some of these same ghouls also planned WWI.

Another reason Hitler and Germany had to be made into poster fodder for evil is that the REAL evil was being perpetuated in what was know called the U.S.S.R. A Commie experiment, run by die-hard Zionist Jews that managed to produce a living Hell on Earth. A period of history that has been all but eliminated from schools as being irrelevant. Gentile Russians don't count, only the 'Chosen Ones' do.

But we can't let facts like the above get out and be taught in schools, people might start thinking and asking questions about their current condition and ultimate fate, a fate that isn't that far off, and it won't be pretty if we continue to believe the lies put forth by the M$M and continue to shirk in fear of manufactured boogeyman who help the Zionist/Communists/Judaic Terror Masters accomplish their plans of world domination.

Creating a world where 'useless eaters' like you and me don't have a place, only a lonely grave.

THE WAR ON TERRORISM is actually a war on people, freedom and democracy.


  1. You poor deluded anti Semitic. Obviously you have had a lobotomy and excised the part of your brain capable of rational thought, the remains soaked in putrid hate and made usable only for incoherent rants and perverted narratives.

  2. I've always believed in finding truth in btwn agendas...when pushed to hate someone so much on every radio, tv and begin to question why so much hate directed at individual there an agenda? then for me i need to read more...more divergent views more alternate views different from cereal i've been eating daily...till then i hold judgment to myself as to what is truth and what is propaganda..maybe its combination of both..but i need to find the reason for it.

  3. The trouble with history, as viewed as what really has happened, is that there is too much of it for anyone to write or review.

    During any war, there is little grasp of what is occurring. Afterward, the legends coagulate into false narratives which, by very nature of their seeming to make sense, superimpose sense upon what was chaos.

    Every culture, in every time, has at its fringes lunacies of many sorts, and each sort picks what it prefers to deem as having been validated by hard evidence. But there is evidence enough to build a case for each, and any, such collection of evidence, and whatever narrative is constructed out of it.

    That, in the end, good has conquered evil in any war, or that evil has prevailed over good in that war, rests on a collection of an accordant set of chosen evidence. Neither, however, over-powered the other. And, if peace and good will among former enemies occurs after a war, that is what is then occurring, and is not what happened in the heat or fog of the ware preceding it.

    Unfortunately, some of the most destructive and cruel wars have arisen out of times of utmost good will.

    Though some of us human individuals perceive ourselves to choose good over evil, when others do, most of us by far, can be rapidly persuaded to feel extraordinarily jingoistic, vengeful, hateful, wronged and indignant... not on basis of the whole of all historical events of the time but, rather, because some few individuals pick and choose, and impress upon us, a special set of facts and arguments which -- while true -- are no less real or present than would be case for our feeling noble, and generous, and tolerant, and humane.

    At this time, February 2017, we are in process of being prepared to feel hatred, fear, resentment, vengefulness, overly-patriotic, insular, angry and motivated toward capturing, deporting, imprisoning, torturing, maiming and destroying other human beings of categories we are being focused on.

    We are being prepared, by those we have chosen to lead us in our thoughts and feelings, into horrific inhumanities and, thence, into another great economic period of hell on Earth.


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