Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zionist Pig Bankers Target Central African Republic

The Mark of the Beast Flag Over the Central African Republic

CAR_Israel photo 

Damn near anytime the Jew owned MSM starts babbling that some country is under siege from 'al CIA Duh' type terrorists, then it's a good bet that nation has a rich supply of natural resources, like the Central African Republic(CAR).

CAR has some of the richest uranium deposits in the world, along with abundant deposits of gold, diamonds and plenty of crude oil.

The official paper of Zionism, the NYT, has joined the pack of hyenas snapping at CAR's feet, so an invasion by NATO type mercs to save CAR from itself can't be far away.

Israel has already infested the oil-rich neighboring country of South Sudan, which gives them a base to launch attacks against CAR.

Which Israel will do to help protect its gangster friends in the IMF and World Bank.

'France is just fed-up, exhausted by CAR'

Really? Well keep your fucking nose in your own country, Frenchie.

One of the Zionist owned MSM outfits, the British Bullshit Corporation, spins the story for more wars.

There's only ONE solution that will rid the planet of these blood-sucking vampires....

3.26.13 photo 


  1. Fantastic post Greg Bacon!

    Imagine if by knowing the truth - exactly as you have written - it would somehow lead to the end of the murder and theft by these anti-humans.

  2. Anon, I'm afraid the only way to end the Zionist Tyranny is thru the spilling of blood.

    But at least it will be there blood and not the innocents in the countries they have targeted.

  3. I saw where CFR and UN envoy Angelina Jolie is in Africa supposedly to bring attention to the rape of women and girls as a weapon of war. A good cause but methinks it is more about setting the stage for the rape of entire countries in the name of human rights.

    For a trip allegedly in the works for a year, the timing is perfect. Few things are random in the cause for global imperialism.

  4. Yeah we got the guillotine!!



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