Thursday, April 18, 2013


Swindling the Goyim Episode 1 - Secrets of Banking

Trying to decipher what is being said when some Khazar Land Thief is speaking Yid can be confusing, unless you have a pig that can translate Yiddish into English.

Jewbonics can be used to understand what the 'Chosenites' actually mean when they are talking to their cattle, the GOY.

When they say-----------------------What they actually mean:

'anti-Semite'-----------------------Some of you GOY dare to think for yourself!

holocau$t---------------------------STFU and hand over all your money!

Federal Reserve---------------------We loan you your money at insanely high rates

al Qaeda----------------------------MOSSAD, CIA and MI6 terrorists blowing up Muslims and Americans

Jews are persecuted-----------------STFU and hand over all your money!

Israel------------------------------The land known as Palestine stolen from the indigenous Arabs by an invading Mongol/Khazar horde

Judeo-Christian---------------------One of our best scams that has Christians worshiping a religion that hates them

Elie Weasel-------------------------STFU and hand over all your money!

Gold--------------------------------That's what the GOY give us in return for worthless paper

ADL---------------------------------Our America based watch dog that can only bark out the phrase 'anti-Semitic'

Auschwitz---------------------------STFU and hand over all your money!

Middle East-------------------------The powder keg we deliberately set off to cover up our theft of lands

US Congress-------------------------Our own personal whore house, available 24/7, 365

FOX News----------------------------"News? Ha-ha, ha-haaa, Shit, I'm laughing so hard I can't finish....ha-hahahahahah"

9/11---------------------------------Our best False Flag ever that has Americans so scared, they'll do anything to protect the ones that attacked them

Wall Street Banks--------------------What the FED doesn't steal from you fools, these suckers will

Zionism------------------------------STFU and hand over all your..."What's that, your broke? GTFO. Hello China!!!!"
The Senate Foreign Relations Committee has passed a resolution expressing U.S. solidarity with Israel if it has to defend itself militarily against Iran’s nuclear development program.

The resolution, introduced by Senators Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), was approved Tuesday and must now be considered by the full Senate.

Resolution 65 says Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons capability poses a threat to the United States, the West and Israel. It urges the full implementation of U.S. and international sanctions on Iran and calls on President Obama to continue to strengthen their enforcement.

“If the Government of Israel is compelled to take military action in legitimate self-defense against Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” the resolution said, "the United States Government should stand with Israel and provide, in accordance with United States law and the constitutional responsibility of Congress to authorize the use of military force, diplomatic, military, and economic support to the Government of Israel in its defense of its territory, people, and existence."
As if  being treated like a worn-out crack whore willing to do anything for Yidville isn't enough, Joogle also fucks with those trying to think.
An explanation of our search results

If you recently used Google to search for the word “Jew,” you may have seen results that were very disturbing. We assure you that the views expressed by the sites in your results are not in any way endorsed by Google. We’d like to explain why you’re seeing these results when you conduct this search.
NO, they weren't disturbing, although the TRUTH scares some people so much they want to shut down all inquiries.

"The Jews had better stop being Jews and start being human beings."

1932 quote from George Bernard Shaw

Obviously, Mr. Shaw didn't get his wish, see WWII.

What I do find disturbing is all those 'Christians' who constantly suck up to Zionism and kiss Israeli ass.

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