Tuesday, June 4, 2013

HE/Nuke Missile Used at West Texas Plant Fire?

This site nailed the West Texas explosion right off the bat as some type of missile strike.

Now here's further proof that the MSM narrative is highly doubtful:

Taken from the investigative news site, "From the Trenches World Report."
What really happened to the West, Texas fertilizer plant?

I hate to say this folks but in case you did not investigate this tragic event yourself we are looking at yet another false flag!!
Here's a photo of the crater left at one of the plant's parking lots:

6.4.13_Westexas_4.17.13 photo west-5_zpsbd0290ec.jpg

And a photo from afar:

6.4.13_WT photo WT_westexas_zpsd0dae1fb.png

Looks like the PTB are getting even more psychotic than their usual blood-soaked ways. They must be trying to hurry an event that's behind their lunatic schedule for us peons.

That's two nukes used in the span of less than a month. The W. Texas one, then the nuke used on Damascus.

Won't be long before a nuke decimates an American city, to be blamed on the usual suspects, 'Moozies' to keep Americans filled with hatred and demanding revenge on another one of Israel's 'existential' enemies.


  1. Good comment, sir.
    Adding those shots of the explosion during the day with the mushroom cloud. I saw the missile hit on youtube and I concur.

    The Damascus bombing I wasn't too sure about, but after seeing the fireball at night, there was no mistake about it. I would have to say they were bunker busters tipped with an atomic weapon. The bunker busters were given to Israel during the last Bush administration. The only bombers big enough to carry them are the American B52's and the B1. Either America did the actual drop or gave Israel those ships. If so, this is worse than I can imagine. However, America has a history of dropping atomic weapons on innocent people.

  2. Yes, America does have a nasty history of using nukes and I fear, the PTB are going to use another one here at home, that will be blamed on Syria and off we go to 'Shock and Awe' another ME nation.


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