Friday, September 27, 2013

Be on the Alert for another Israeli False Flag

Israel is getting nervous over all the attention Iran is getting about negotiating an end to the sanctions that have been pounding that country for decades. And when the Iranian president spoke at the UNGA, the only country that walked out was Israel, further showing the world how isolated they are, and that's got those bagel munchers nervous.

Israel is starting to realize that it's getting more difficult to make their American puppet dance and that means its time to show their toy who's really in charge, just like they did when they pulled off 9/11.

All this talk about the USA and Iran getting together, like Secretary of State Kerry--real last name, KOHN--with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has got the Israeli's and their JEW counterparts here in the USA spooked.

By now, the Pentagon should have already devastated Syria and "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran" for their Yid overlords, but something happened on the way to WWII.

The American people, sick and tired of endless 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel,' rose in a mighty voice and made themselves heard on Capitol Hill. It must of been one hell of a ruckus up there, because this time, Congress actually listened and backed off the Israeli and American JEW plan to vaporize Syria.

And that's got Israel panicked, cornered like the rabid rat it is, but it's not without fangs.

Their murderous stunt in Nairobi has JEW fingerprints all over that attack. The mall was owned by an Israeli company. Israel just happened to have a special forces team nearby and some of the weapons were brought in to the mall thru the backdoor, a reminded of the thermite that was snuck into the WTC and planted on the steel beams prior to 9/11. Was that attack a primer for the upcoming Israeli attack against the USA?

The coming JEW false flag attack against the USA could be similar to 9/11 or it could be a 'cyber 9/11' which would make the JEW money grubbers on Wall Street happy, since that would be a 'two-fer.' They could blame the mess on Iran and at the same time, wipe off trillions in un-payable derivative bets off their books.

So be sure to have plenty of necessities stocked up, extra money on hand, preferably hard stuff, like gold and silver and plenty of bullets for your favorite defensive weapon, because the JEW blood-sucker and soul stealer is creeping our way.
It's time to kill Zionist vampire

To defeat Israeli espionage in America, all of their dual citizen and political assets have to be rooted out and destroyed. The problem there is they are so substantial that the country would be shocked beyond belief at the depth of the betrayal. For quite a while now the main justification (other than shame) for keeping the lid on all this is that the shock to public trust in government would be so deep as to actually be deemed a major national security threat. Imagine that!

That is the wall of silence this has all been hidden behind, and why our government as never warned the American people about the constant attack we have always been under by the Israeli's and their traitor helpers here. This lack of warning, and concern by even the mainline veterans orgs, has kept Americans dumb and happy (or unhappy) about this national security disaster.

But fortunately the tide is turning. When AIPAC deployed its 250 man A-team in its much publicized raid on Congress to make them tow the line on supporting Obama's Syria strike, they found that Americans had gotten there ahead of them with their huge outpouring of contempt at what they felt was another staged intervention event. AIPAC got crushed, but their media buddies kept the extent of the rebuff off the front page news.

Reeling from that defeat, and in a panic to put something on the table to show that AIPAC was still feared on Mid East issues, we saw their expected pivot away from Syria and shift to bring Iran back onto the bogeyman threat table. But there was only one problem. The 'bomb, bomb Iran' hoax had already been beaten to death with a long history of crying wolf about their 'having a bomb in six months'.

American Intel was watching their initial moves, a push to have a strike option put into a UN resolution, and even getting Obama to say so stupidly on a Sunday night that he was still willing to use military force to 'succeed' with Iran, only to announce on the following Wednesday that he was open to a diplomatic solution. Mr. Nobel Peace prize was 'open to it' only after he had been forced to be.
"Vampires do not live on Vampires"


  1. The video starts with a list of lies the US government has provided to the American public as it pursues its tainted Jewish agenda.

    But I have to ask: when DID these assholes start lying. Was it when the publishers of the video suggest (the Pearl Harbor false flag pre-knowledge)? Or were they lying to us before then?

    Would these publishers suggest that even though a false flag was used to get us into the "good war", that the overall purpose was good and that the NSDAP was evil?

    How many stupid asses fall for the lies about that time, but now say that we are lied to at virtually every opportunity?

    How many stupid asses regurgitate the tired old lies about Hitler and Germany at the time, but then will tell us that one cannot trust what we are told now?

    You know one stupid ass I am talking about.

  2. And they may just be lying about Gaddafi, according to this one he may be in Africa. They can never seem to find those bodies.

  3. Gaddafi alive?

    Then who got sodomized on that video, a stand-in?

  4. Beulah all of the names, what a terrible thing to say. Does this mean we can't be friends? I don't think I could bear if you were not my friend.

    It seems that your handlers want one thing understood, the reparations the Germans must pay is not debatable and cannot be contested. Pulling back the curtain on this is not allowed, it could cost billions for your backers. You cannot have the Germans thinking there is another layer to the fraud, you know Hitler bunker scrutiny closed for 100 years, Saddam double, Binny dumped at sea, you know it goes on and on and on.

    It is going viral now taking over my #1 post.

    1500 hits tonight!

    You have to do better than this Beulah. Your handler will not be happy. I know it works for awhile, tell us what we already known about the tribe, ... but .... but maintain certain illusions right?

  5. Bealah you are the most trans parent psychop on the net these days. How is the turnip garden growing? I bet the catfish harvest on the Miss is slowing down with all the tritium flowing down river. Any word on this or the shakey Calhoun dam? Your handlers will get your the word soon I am sure.

  6. Lookee here. I squeeze the head of a dumb ass and the others here see the putrid ooze pour out. Jew ooze.

    Maybe Niburu has told you all the truth we need to know, right, dumb ass?

    Or was it Cayce, your hero that told you all of this in your regular empty noggin seance with the dead and idiotic?

  7. Greg,

    According to Mickey, you have been linking to the "most transparent psychop on the net" for what? 5 years now?

    It makes me wonder if my handlers are your handlers, too?

    Something tells me Mickey is a bit jealous that you aren't giving his bullshit any play. Maybe the thing to do is swap his link for mine, you know, so the world gets to know more about crop circles and that kinda shit.

    I have a hanky for you, Mickey.

  8. Gosh,

    Isn't it amazing what a lying POS will say on one hand, then backpeddle for the Jews on the other hand:

    I don’t think too many people would classify Bman or myself as disinfo types. But that is just my opinion.

    Posted by Dublinmick | April 30, 2013, 7:54 pm

    My, oh my, Mickey Rat. Jew worship changes a person, doesn't it?

  9. Be lah man
    (Be law man) so iluminati

    Your comments are so childish it is difficult to respond to.

    If there is something about the khazars I don't know please line it out here so we can discuss it. We have all read the protocols I assume, talmud of emmanuel which was changed immediately etc etc. We all know this. Give me something new in that fevered brain of yours.

    Your wanderings seem to insist that only the jews can be discussed and frankly I can see you don't even have a very good handle on that.

    To accuse me of jew worship is like a 3 year old child being admonished and calling his mom satan.

    What is it you disagree with in all this?

    You are a funny guy though. I have the greatest respect for Greg and I have a feeling he is figuring you out.

  10. Beaulah, unfortunately I knew we would have to redefine the nature of our association the first time you referred to me as "dude ." It suggests a certain ordinary style of consciousness.

    You reassert my initial prognosis of this when you feel you can write off out oldest manuscripts the Enuma Elish, clay tablets in the Berlin Museum with flippant comments. Cayce needs no defense as probably one of America's greatest seers, right up there with Tecumseh and Crazy Horse. Of course if you had read Cayce you would know that and it is evident you haven't. Of course it is evident you have not read a lot of things.

    You are making a lot of mistakes and your handler should run this by you next time you are in for an evaluation. Of course the Rothschild connection is one of those things you have to defect even if it means a certain loss of cred, I understand that. Are there any other sites you sneak around on leaving these type comments?

    You are dismissed

  11. And I might add, this is a boy who says in black and white he wishes aangirfan would stop blogging, a site with hundreds of thousands of hits a day and very high on Alexa. What are we to think about this? I think a lot of people would like to shut up aangirfan also but I am not their biggest fans.

    Is it just stupid or is it just butter?


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