Saturday, September 7, 2013

Gruesome Videos of Barry Sotero's Troops in Syria

Syrian Rebels 'Execute' Government Soldiers.

Syria rebels 'execute 51 soldiers' in northern town

Syrian Rebels Execute 7 Army Officers VIDEO Brutality of Syrian Rebels Posing Dilemma in West

War crime? Syrian rebels execute POWs

The coming war will be a banker's war, fought to wipe off the enormous amount of debt incurred by the Federal Reserve providing protection for those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street Casinos who, through their greed, arrogance and stupidity, have run up debts over 700 TRILLION by betting on derivatives.

There's not enough gold in the solar system to pay off that amount, but it could be wiped off the books by ginning up a war in Syria that went nuclear and parts of the USA got obliterated.

That's what in store for you, Mr. and Mrs. America, a war fought to protect bankers and Israel from their wicked ways.

'US Congress controlled by AIPAC Israel'

Highly recommended video that shows the death grip the international bankers have on the world!

The Money Masters - How International Bankers Gained Control of America


  1. These times are so worrisome that I find myself speechless trying to make sense of it ~ even though I know the facts as best as most of us ~ which is not saying much since so much confusion is purposefully being sown to obfuscate the reality of things.

    I am kind of going with the idea from Michael Collins Piper and Mark Glenn that war will not come ~ yet. I mean the big part of it, Syria has been at war for a long time to defend itself. Things are still heating up.

    They posit that Nutty is being set up for a huge fall although the risk is that when he does not get his war he will do something horrendous. They posit that there are 2 schools of Zionism involved here; even though they have the same goal their methodology is very different.

    The one works by stealth and the other by brawn. The stealth group ~ wealthy American Jews, Obama's backers in Chicago, etc ~ do not like the impression Nutty leaves .. of Jews.

    Interesting and quite possible. Things are not yet as bad as they can get yet...

  2. It all goes back to the bankers, who are desperate to avoid the catastrophe of that 700 TRILLION in derivative bets coming due.

    If they need to start WWIII to cover up their greed and avoid prosecution for their stupidity, they will, using their favorite shit-stirrer, Israel.

  3. I agree with Noor al Haqiqa. These are worrisome times. What really disturbs me is that I seem to be the only who "Disturbed" by all this bad news.

    My Facebook friends and family speak nothing of this war, except one. The effects of this war will be catastrophic, yet nobody seems too concerned. They are too busy with sports and the latest cutesy videos streamed to their smartphones.

    I am too old to volunteer for military action. On the other hand, when Germany was losing the war, he enlisted young boys and old men to fight. With Amerika fighting on so many fronts and the impending wars, they will probably come knocking on the door.

    Greg Bacon: 700 Trillion? I estimate that's probably 1/100th the value of the planet. But when it comes to the lives of human beings, we have no value. Unless we are harvested for body parts to the highest bidder.

    I had DNA and genealogical testing done. It appears I am a Sephardic Jew with markers from the Semetic area and Ionian peninsula.

    The results of the test shocked me. The testing was not a full spectrum test. It was part of a private enterprise to gather information with those having Hispanic surnames.

    The test was cheap because that was all I could afford. The full spectrum test kit and lab processing is over $120.

    The news being of Sephardic Jewish ancestry answers a lot of things my dad told me about as a youth.
    It would also explain the greedy and materialistic tendencies from siblings. Whether or not those traits are handed down generational, is questionable.

    It is still debatable whether being a Jew is genetic or a belief system.

    In my heart, I support the Palestinian People. I was brought up in a large Catholic family.

    We were some what middle class but, ended up poor after arriving in California.

    I look forward to reading your blog on a daily basis. You seem to have a firm understanding of complex issues and that makes it easier for the reader to understand.

    Thank you..

    Let us pray for peace.

  4. Lee, I'm not a religious person, but in my own way, I do pray for saner heads to prevail in the ME.

    It's time for the USA to settle down, we've killed enough people in revenge for 9/11 and for all the wrong reasons.

    I've noticed people seem immune to the apparent coming disaster too.

    I don't know if that's people's way of dealing with disaster by ignoring it or if most people are so consumed by the material world that nothing else matters.


    Tim at HowDareI feels we are being set up to be tricked into war by a false flag.

    Let's have our own truth media think tank. Here's my scenario by the PTB to advance the NWO. What's yours?

    See what you think.

    The zionist porch monkey takes a (fake) dive. A mulatto 'stand-in' with blown-off face and Soetoro's physique is presented to the MSM public as have being blown-up and killed by the Iranian National Guard secret service. Joe (I'm a zionist) Biden takes over, and amid Michelle's tears for her CIA plant husband (who has actually got bored of the whole being a strait president shtick - and left the US permanently to his gay lover in Patagonia), vows to avenge Soetoro's faked assassination by crushing Syria, Iran, Hezbollah, and also Russia and China if they get in the way.

    Probably too far out. But Tim is right, the consensus being created by the MSM AGAINST the attack on Syria seems too good to be true.

    So it probably is.

    The ultimate of all-in false-flags by the Rothschild proxies seems imminent.

  6. Mouser, next Wednesday, 9.11.13 will be an interesting day.

    By then, the Israel lobby will have a good idea if they've bought off enough Congress critters to get their war against Syria.

    If not, then it's False Flag time.


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