Monday, September 9, 2013

Hitler's JEW Bodyguard Has Died

His name was Rochus Misch and he died last week. Guess you won't see much about him in the Zionist Jew owned MSM, since they're too busy promoting another 'War for Wall Street and Israel.'
Misch was born in Alt-Schalkowitz near Oppeln in the Province of Silesia (now Stare Siołkowice, Poland).[1] He was orphaned at the age of two and grew up with his grandparents.[1] He worked as a painter. Misch married his wife Gerda on New Year's Eve, 1942.[2] They had a daughter, Brigitta Jacob-Engelken, who worked as an architect and supported Jewish causes.[3] After he returned from the Soviet Union, Brigitta learned from her maternal grandmother that Brigitta's mother was Jewish, making Brigitta Jewish as well (according to Jewish tradition). Misch refused to acknowledge it.
Wikipedia doesn't come out and say the dreaded 'Das Juden,' but Misch is a Jew surname and he married a Jewess, yet was still able top climb to the rank of German Oberscharführer (senior squad leader) in the German Army during WWII. And to become Hitler's bodyguard from 1940-45?

Yes, Adolph was a hater of the Jews, that's for sure, that's why he kept so many so close to him and let over 150,000 German Jews serve in Germany's armed forces during WWII.

One of Hitler's personal physicians was a Jew. Yes, Adolph really hated 'Das Juden,' didn't he?

Read the following and see if this comes from someone belonging to a race Hitler was alleged to have tried to wipe out, but that's another lie for another day.
Misch was loyal to Hitler to the end, saying "He was no brute. He was no monster. He was no superman", "...very normal. Not like what is written", and "He was a wonderful boss".
Another 'Chosen One' with Adolph in the final days was the Jewess 'First Lady of the Third Reich,' Magda Goebbels, wife of Josef Goebbels. Who did a very Jewish thing in the end, she helped poison her six children before committing suicide with her hubby, Josef.

Magda liked dating Zionists, before marrying Josef...or is that Yosef?

For those that will read this and scream that their beloved Fuhrer wasn't part of some Jew plot, where do you think Hitler got the swastika idea from? The Jews, they were one of the first to use the swastika in the USSR before Hitler and way before that, in the 17th Century, the swastika was used by the Jew:

The back of a 1917 Russian 250-Ruble note. In the center of the bill notice the swastika super-imposed with a double eagle.

9.8.13 photo 1917-250-Ruble-Note-with-Swastika-back_zps33888bf5.jpg

Ouch! I could go into the Jews bankrolling Hitler, but that's for another blog.

What's in a swastika? Nothing, if it's used by the jews!


  1. Forgive me, buddy, but when you post something from that idiot's site (Christogenea) as proof of Hitler being a Jew or owned by Jews...

    There isn't much to believe in my mind.

    Mike Delaney's butt buddy is a murderer, a liar and scam artist.

    You're better off leaving that imaginary shit to mick.

  2. I posted that link so people could see more proof of those USSR notes having the swastika.

    That's about all there is on that page.

    That info is also available in the excellent book, 'Under the Sign of the Scorpion," by Jura Lina, but good luck finding published parts of that book online that deal with the Jew swastika.

  3. Well, just one more piece of a large puzzle.

    I was talking to a woman I met about the holocaust. The conversation started when I said I had an appreciation for the German people.
    She said she was a German immigrant and came to the states in the 1950's.

    I told her the holocaust was a scam and the numbers greatly exaggerated.

    She said that she knows people that were there although she did not go into detail. I just met her and didn't want to scare her.
    She is a single woman and quite attractive and seemed to find me attractive as well. *yeah right *grin*

    Eustace Mullins, in a video tells about two distinct Jewish faction. One is the religious Jew that believes they are a wondering nomadic people not having their own land. The other of course, is the Zionist group that insist on Jewish homeland.

    Mullins tells that the Zionist rounded up and imprisoned the Religious Jews. The secular/Zionist Jews are the ones that controlled the Nazis since that is a Jewish/Communist construct.

    I believe Hitler was a tortured soul with internal conflicts of being both Jewish, and yet, a patriotic German dedicated to the Father land.

    His Jewish handlers manipulated him into giving Jews positions in his administration.

    The Jewish/Zionist/Communist manifesto advocates the manipulation of the Gentile/Jew even if it means their elimination for the cause.

  4. Yes Lee, there's plenty of evidence that the Jew elite in Germany had a hand in rounding up and selecting which of their brethren were sent to the slave labor camps.

    We've heard repeatedly about the Aryan 'Superman,' but it was the Jews during WWII that tried to off their fellow Jews who didn't meet certain medical or mental qualifications.

  5. Beulahman has to have a hero LOL. To actually believe Hitler was not a Rothschild you would have to ignore several truck loads of evidence. His job was to populate Palestine to steal it and he did a good job, had Germany partitioned and bankrupted and 20 million or so killed in the process. He was also tight with the Donmeh jews in the mideast. my father in law got his arm shot off down there with Rommel and he would tell you himself Hitler was scum if he were still alive.

    DNA test prove deer furrier was a khazar he is Y-dna haplogroup E1B1B1. His relatives in Ireland say he was Jewish, the son of a big banker and attended the tavistock institute.

    If you are in Spain stop in and check his grave.
    Jeff Rense even gets on board with the spymaster!

  6. By the way they stole the swastika from the east indians also. It is been around since Krishna. The native americans used it and the buddhists.

    Come on Beulahman you know how the tribe steals things.

  7. Come on 'Beulahman give it up, you are simply unable to accept plain as day evidence or you are shilling

  8. I just wish it would be plain as day, then the debate would finally be over and everyone can go home in peace - or not. I'm sure you're aware of this article, Greg:

    As for your link to Hitler's personal physician, Dr. Eduard Bloch, this Edeljude took care of Klara and her kids until Adolf was about 15 or 16 years old when his mother died and he left for Vienna.

    His two-part so-called memoire reads like the usual victim story a la Zis- or Rosenblatt.

  9. You know it is easy to go on and on day in an day out about the tribe and assume we have credibility. This can be red flag. Millions do this.

    One thing we or they do not want is the idea that Roth pulled another swindle. You know had his man declare war on several different countries in the name of hey defending Germany.

    Most disinfo types have the same story/ It was all scripted

    ..................... you know not worth following at this point

  10. My, mick is desperate to get that disinfo spread anywhere and everywhere he can.

    Some morons must embrace the enemy the Jews tell them they have to embrace.

    Good on you, Mick. You are a Jew's favorite idiot.

  11. Beulahman
    I am not going to jump on that boat with you and start name calling. You are the one who started with the mick snip.

    It is paramount to the program that Der Fuhrer remain the bad guy from the Isreal point of view. It discourages any nationalistic movement they do not control. That is a win for them. They will turn heaven and earth to make sure it is not common knowledge their boy accomplished everything they wanted, that includes the near destruction of Germany and the creation of their state in occupied Palestine.

    Sure Germany had been looted and was on life support. Somebody had to step in and resuscitate the state. Why not a Roth crony? In fact that is exactly what happened. The European is being so well outflanked by our boys it is pretty shameful. They plan far ahead and they have a considerable amount of unity that is not seen in the European. You are a perfect example of this. The European has so little going it is easy to grasp for heroes. They have no media, no central bank, no publishers for the most part and are losing the struggle for existence. They don't have an ADL or NAACP and lack most essential forms of unity. That is my opinion of why some jump on the Hitler bandwagon. We know your hero did kill Germans, he euthanized grandma and killed the slow kids in the class.

    Step outside the name calling box and explain to us how those DNA tests are bogus. It is possible your heart is in the right place and you simply cannot process new developments or evidence. Then again ………

    Perhaps it is a case of the Franz Fanon complex.

    “Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” -Frantz Fanon”
    How is it that Der Fuhrer while in the shadow of the Roth mansions was not capped like 4 other US presidents who wanted to print their own money?

  12. Beulahman

    In fact the Hitler was a Rothschild post is making it's way around Germany. I have about 23000 hits on it.

  13. How many other websites are you taking potshots on Beulahman? Come on over to my site and lets discuss it. You won't because there is not much to discuss. You have an angle, and I am pointing it out.

  14. Where is our CIA agent from Mississippi?

  15. Where is our CIA agent from Mississippi?


  16. According to RA Dominik Storr is to have been accomplished still the reform. It does not submit proofs! –Beside Angela Rothschild Hitler (dt. Criminal investigation department know) gives it still more Hitler children of different women!Occupied: Grey Wolf escaped – PDF – a witness Heirich Bethe on page 86 –Gisela adpt. Heuser – daughter of Othilie Fleischer “gold Tilly” javelin throw 1936 witnessed –Helmut Christian *2.10.1935 adpt. Göbbels with Magda – holidays fun in East Prussia –further searches requested:

    Jean-Marie Loret with Charlotte Lobjoie 1917 at the Western front in France.
    Werner Schmedt Illinois's – son with Geli Raubal 1929.

    Unity Vakyrie Mitford 1940 – son lives unidentified in England – Mitford dies only 1948 at the consequ
    ences the suicide? - or murder? - Attempt to 3.9.1940.Hitler's first murder
    3 daughters with Eva Braun/Hitler 1939 Uschi, 1943 alleged death birth and Dez.1945 born in Bariloche/Inalco and/or Estanzia San Ramon, where it first months was. There secret found the “genuine” wedding with Eva Braun in the chapel after the Estanzia kath also in the Sept.1945. Rite instead of!Admits are thus 9 children altogether. Where it had still children! All 1/8 Rothschi

  17. Beulah

    There is a reason you came off my site long ago. You are not telling us anything we don't already know and trying to put the quietesus on anything new.

    You are a shill!

  18. Please, let's not let our differences of opinion divide us, let's not be ensnared by that ancient game.

    We all face the same sinister presence, that is what we must unite against.

  19. Let's see. That's 11 link filled comments trying to convince people of your insanity. Who is desperate here, micky boy?

    Keep trying. No, try harder.

    You are failing.

    The question is "why?" are you doing it? Why spread the Jew lie?

  20. Greg,

    I hear you. I just wish mick the Jew heard you.

    And if he's not a Jew, he is carrying out their gameplan for them.

    Shill or moron?

    I give him the benefit of a doubt and consider him a moron.

    He is certainly no ally of mine.


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