Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Jew War Mongers Among Us

Bankers Arrested In Iceland, Ireland, UK, USA, Switzerland, India, France, Russia, Austria...VIRAL 4

In the 9.13.13 edition of the KC Star, on the "OPINION" page, there were three columnists, all American Jews, Kristof, Gershon and Freidman. All war mongering for more death and destruction in the ME to be visited on another enemy of Israel, Syria.

To show you how desperate the Jew war mongers are to get Americans involved in another ME 'War for Wall Street and Israel,' I went back to the 'Star' to get the link to an article that I had commented on Friday morning only to see that my comment and another left by a gentleman who was also against bombing Syria had been 'wiped off the face of the Earth.'

More Jew mischief, the kind that gets millions killed and country's destroyed, all to serve the Jew.

Freidman is a particularly noxious POS that should be arrested on sight.

One has to ask if these three Jew war mongers have dual Israeli passports and dual Israeli citizenship and if so, then where do their true loyalties lie?

Their basic premise was that war is a terrible evil, but doing nothing is even worse in Syria.

BS. This is some of the same outlandish lies we heard repeatedly from the Jew owned MSM before the illegal invasion of Iraq, a country we destroyed based on Jew lies and falsehoods.

We must not fall for Jew tricks again in the ME.

There is only one way to free our nation from the Jew.

We must get rid of the toxic Jew owned and run Federal Reserve and reclaim our currency as our own and issue it debt free.

We must bust up those 'Too Big to Fail' Jew owned and run Wall Street banks that have and continue to steal trillions from Americans.

We must send out an army of dedicated agents that will track down, arrest and imprison the Jew traitors that have been stealing from Americans since 1914 and their comrades-in-arms in the Jew owned MSM that have been covering up massive crimes committed against Americans by the Jew and broadcasting nonstop lies and propaganda into American homes and minds.

One really odious Jew owned outlet is "Human Rights Watch," which is laboring furiously for an attack on Syria.

We must take back the wealth stolen from us by the Jew since 1914 to return to days of prosperity.

We must also launch an all-out criminal prosecution of the real 9/11 'masterminds,' like the Jew traitors and their scum lackey's in the USA, the Bushes--all three of them, 'Poppy,' George and Jeb--Cheney, Wolfowitz, Feith, etc.

After they are found guilty of numerous crimes against the Republic, they need to be immediately taken to the gallows pole for execution.

Back in time, in the 16th-18th Century's, they had the right way to deal with traitors:
William Blackstone in his Commentaries observed that the punishment for treason is “terrible in that the traitor is hanged by the neck, then cut down alive, that his entrails are then taken out, and burned, while he is yet alive,” and “that his head is cut off, and that his body is then divided into four parts.”
Until we track down and destroy the venomous snakes in our midst, we'll be nothing more than an open 24/7 free money machine and a supplier of cannon fodder to the Jew.

The choice is yours: Do you want to live in perpetual slavery, watching your country fall apart, supporting Israel and toiling endlessly for the Jew while your sons and daughters keep getting killed fighting wars for the Jew, or do you want to be free?

Pay particular attention at the 2:14 mark

The 'jew' Bankers Will Be Hanged

"Indeed, there still exists a form of democracy in the USA. The People may decide whether a Democratic Zionist puppet or a Republican Zionist puppet will occupy the White House for 4 years and wage the next series of costly wars for Israel and Big Business."

Alexandre de St.Germain (2011)


  1. Now who would you get to do the job of hanging,

    cutting entrails out, burning alive, cutting the head

    off, and divide the body in four parts? Let me guess,

    another sick psychopath butcher that would likely

    get a stiffy on for something so barbaric?

    Come on this is NOT the right way to deal with

    traitors and I think you know it....Being cold,

    calculating, heartless evil psychos like they are

    solves, zero, zilch, nothing.

    Any human who could do such a thing deserves

    the same done to them so....may I suggest a

    firing squad

  2. Who would volunteer for that job?

    Wait until the Fed's money games completely collapse the economy and people are living off food scraps found in trash dumpsters and you'll probably have volunteers standing in line.

  3. Greg, it's amazing sad that nobody comments here except just a few bloggers. Americans should be absolutely outraged and gnashing at the teeth.

    I wrote an essay that when Americans start to feel the pinch in their wallets,then they would do something about it. Apparently Americans are not feeling the pinch yet, so my guess is, they must be liking it.

    Things are going to get much worse. I blame Americans of the religious faction known as the Evangelicals. They are the ones that are supporting Israel because they believe that in order to be good Christians, they must encourage war and the coming Armageddon and return of Christ.

    This kind of belief is just as sick as those Jews that celebrate Purim or any other blood letting sacrifice ritual.

    These Evangelicals are the same as Christian/Zionists who have unflinching support for Israel and whatever crimes she does.

    You can blame these deceived Christians with the crimes Israel does since they are spiritually complicit. I know many who are.


  4. It IS the KC Star of Satan after all Greg.

    Just look up Wendall Anschutz's cousin, crypto-jew/jew billionaire

    Hooked up with every criminal there is.

  5. Those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks are AGAIN getting into the bundling of debt, including MBS...

    When it blows this time, there won't be enough paper on the planet to print the dollars needed to cover over this mess.

    When people start losing their cable TV, and their smart phones only work now and then and they can't afford to stuff 4,500 calories a day of GMO junk food in their mouths, it's going to get real ugly, real quick.

    Lee, the lack of comments isn't a big deal.
    I know the number of hits I get each month and it's a nice number.
    Add in the government agencies browsing my blog and both more than make up for the lack of comments.


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