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Examples of psychotic Israeli Jew Nut Cases Filled w/Hatred

A Jew 'hero' from World War II:
Abba Kovner (1918-1987) was a Lithuanian Jewish Hebrew poet, writer, and partisan leader. He became one of the great poets of modern Israel.

From September 1943 until the arrival of the Soviet army in July 1944, Kovner commanded a partisan group called The Avenger in the forests near Vilna and engaged in sabotage.


At the end of the war, Lithuanian Jew Abba Kovner was one of the founders of a secret organization Nakam (revenge), also known as Dam Yisrael Noter ("the blood of Israel avenges", with the acronym DIN meaning "judgement") whose purpose was to seek revenge for the Holocaust. Two plans were formulated. Plan A was to kill a large number of German citizens by poisoning the water supplies of Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich, and Nuremberg. Plan B was to kill SS prisoners held in Allied POW camps. In pursuit of Plan A, members of the group were infiltrated into water and sewage plants in several cities, while Kovner went to Palestine in search of a suitable poison. Kovner discussed Nakam with Yishuv leaders, though it is not clear how much he told them and he doesn't seem to have received much support. According to Kovner's own account, Chaim Weizmann approved the idea and put him in touch with the scientist Ernst Bergmann, who gave the job of preparing poison to Ephraim Katzir (later president of Israel) and his brother Aharon. Historians have expressed doubt over Weizmann's involvement, since he was overseas at the time Kovner specified. The Katzir brothers confirmed that they gave poison to Kovner, but said that he only mentioned Plan B and they denied that Weizmann could be involved. As Kovner and an accomplice were returning to Europe on a British ship, they threw the poison overboard when Kovner was arrested. He was imprisoned for a few months in Cairo and Plan A was abandoned.

In April 1946, members of Nakam broke into a bakery used to supply bread for the Langwasser internment camp near Nuremberg, where many German POWs were being held. They coated many of the loaves with arsenic but were disturbed and fled before finishing their work. More than 2,200 of the German prisoners fell ill and 207 were hospitalized, but no deaths were reported.
They didn't have to go to all that trouble, as General Eisenhower and the British gladly murdered over a million German POW's after the war by caging them in open air camps that had no buildings, shelters, running water or toilets.
The men were forced to live outside and many died from exposure, starvation and diseases.

Poisoning drinking water is a favorite tactic of the Jew lunatics that are swarming over Palestine. When lobbing artillery shells into apartment buildings or dropping napalm onto schools or using machine guns to blast away at Gaza farmers just doesn't give the Israeli Jew psychos the joy they crave, there's always the time-honored tactic of dropping dead carcasses into Palestinian wells.

From 2004: Israeli police suspect Jewish settlers of poisoning the only water source in a Palestinian village in the West Bank.

From 2007: An international non-government organization (NGO) determined on 26 December 2007, that Jewish settlers or settler supporters contaminated a cistern owned by a Palestinian family in the village of At-Tuwani.


Israeli settlers poisoned the Palestinian city of Madama's only well and shot at aid workers who came to clean it.

Amnesty International has called on Israel to investigate the deliberate contamination of Palestinian farmland - by Jewish settlers

From 2013:

Villagers in the South Hills of Hebron-Al Khalil were attacked by Israeli settlers from a nearby settlement when they poured a toxic poison into their water well.

Even 'Wikipedia' has an extensive article on the cruel and inhuman tactics of the Khazar Land Thieves.
Well contamination and water access

On 9 December 2007, members of Christian Peacemaker Teams, an American NGO, reported to have observed a group of Israelis stop next to a cistern in Humra Valley, open the lid, and raise the bucket. The water was later found to be contaminated. Oxfam, a British NGO, has reported that settlers deliberately poisoned the only well in Madama, a village near Nablus, by dumping used diapers into it; and that they shot aid workers who came to clean the well

A United Nations survey released in March 2012 documented the increasing use of threats, violence and intimidation to deny Palestinians access to their water resources in the West Bank. The survey stated that Israeli settlers have been acting systematically to gain control of some 56 springs most of which are located on private Palestinian land. The report noted that settler actions included "trespass, intimidation and physical assault, stealing of private property, and construction without a building permit."
The report criticized the Israeli authorities for having "systematically failed to enforce the law on those responsible for these acts and to provide Palestinians with any effective remedy".
But they start out the article saying most West Bank Jew Land Thieves settlers are "law abiding" (according to a senior Israeli army officer) and the vast majority are non-violent."


What kind of sick and twisted mind performs these barbarities? They surely can't be human, they must be some kind of demonic spawn.

One could fill several blogs with these type of horrible Jew attacks against the peace-loving Palestinians, and that's only from events that have taken place over the last few decades.
Planning the terror that created Israel

Jew terrorists executed the plan to ethnically cleanse Palestine in the period from December 1947 to March 1949 through the use of massacres, rapes, demolition of villages, and forced expulsion of the indigenous Palestinians.

Leaders such as Ben-Gurion, Golda Meir, and Moshe Allon met for years on a biweekly basis in the “Red House” in Tel Aviv as a group called The Consultancy. They drew and revised a sophisticated plan to carry out the “transfer” of the Palestinians at an opportune time in order to secure a Jewish majority in Palestine. In the third updated version of that plan (compiled at the end of the 1930s and referred to as Plan C or gimel in Hebrew), these leaders agreed on the necessity of carrying out the following steps:

• Killing the Palestinian political leadership;
• Killing Palestinian inciters and financial supporters;
• Damaging Palestinian transportation;
• Damaging Palestinian water wells, mills, etc.;
• Attacking Palestinian clubs, coffee houses, meeting places, etc.
The Black Death and the Jews 1348-1349 CE

So far, the Jew plan to 'wipe Palestine off the face of the Earth' is working wonders...for the Jews.

This map is only up to the year 2000. Since the Israeli sponsored 9/11 FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB, where the Jews went on a murderous land theft spree and wall building, they've gobbled up much more of Palestine.

 photo Palestinelandloss.jpg

The Whole Story Of Zionist Conspiracy [The Filthy History Of Pedophilia,Murder & Bigotry]

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