Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Parasite Israel To Get More Free Weapons from Uncle Sucker

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Our cities are going bankrupt; our infrastructure, especially the electrical grid, is seriously due an upgrade; our highways are turning into pot-hole nightmares; good, decent paying jobs are a thing of the past; our health care system is still a nightmare and our schools are so flawed, they can't teach kids to read, yet we have unlimited money for the back-stabbing, lying, thieving, murderous parasites of Israel, the mastermind of the 9/11 False Flag?
Israel Banks on 10 More Years of US Aid

After many months of internal debate and bureaucratic resistance from the Israeli Treasury, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has government approval to take on more than $2 billion in commercial debt for near-term buys of V-22 tilt-rotor aircraft and other Pentagon-approved weaponry.

Under a US-approved deferred payment plan (DPP), Israel would pay only interest and fees over the course of the current agreement set to expire in September 2018. Principal will be covered by the new Obama-pledged package that would extend annual foreign military financing (FMF) aid through 2028, US and Israeli sources say.

US sources explained that regulations proscribe government-guaranteed loans based on future FMF agreements that are not yet in place. The DPP plan approved for Israel, said one Washington source, comes as close as procedurally possible to accommodating the Israeli request.

“According to our lawyers, this is not a government-guaranteed loan. The contractor is due payment by the US government through the [Pentagon-administered] Foreign Military Sales [FMS] program … and we are doing our best to facilitate deferred payment arrangements,” the Washington source said.

He acknowledged that the arrangement required “a leap of faith” by all parties — not only the Israeli government — that a future bilateral 10-year military aid pact will materialize.

However, after Washington agreed to provide a letter of intent to support DPP purchases with prospective future FMF funding, Israel’s Ministry of Defense prevailed in pushing the plan through the Israeli government.

Aside from the cardinal distinction that a prospective DPP deal presumes a still-nonexistent follow-on aid package, US and Israeli sources note that similar schemes have been used in the past to mutual benefit. With active involvement by Lockheed Martin, Israel used this method to fund Pentagon-administered FMS purchases of the company’s F-16I and F-35I fighters.

When employed — usually in combination with an arcane Pentagon process called cash flow financing that allows Israel to tap into future-year FMF funding — it facilitates high-value export orders for US defense contractors and expedited responses to urgent Israeli requirements.
Rarely are these 'loans' to Israel repaid. Down the road, they get turned into grants to the parasites, meaning it's free.

That's not all. Many military items are graded as 'surplus' or used and given to the leeches of Israel. We also store weaponry in that nation of welfare moochers, who use it for free, usually when they get a homicidal hard-on and take it out on the defenseless people of the world's largest concentration camp, Gaza.

But we won't have that parasitic organism sucking the lifeblood out of the USA much longer. Soon, thanks to those Jew owned 'Too Big to Fail' Wall street banks and the Jew owned Federal Reserve sucking all the wealth out of this nation, we won't have enough blood left for the parasite to exist on, so they'll abandon our lifeless corpse in favor of a new host.


  1. United States of America is a long way from used up but it's mask is quite askew at this time. Everybody wonders, just who are you? Mean drunk is my guess.

  2. Everybody wonders? Wow, over 7 billion people know about me?


  3. Rubbish, taking it on himself to speak for everybody needs to reality-check his view of the world. Sorry, Greg, couldn't help myself.

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