Monday, July 14, 2014

JEW BUTCHERS Sacrificing Palestinians to Their Demented G-d

That 'light unto the world' is shining extra bright these days....

Gaza_7.14.14 photo Gaza_72014_zps637853fe.jpg

The 'world's most moral army' is redefining morality...

Gaza2_7.14.14 photo Gaza2_zpsd5d86e18.png

Thank YWHW the Israeli's are being extra careful to not target civilians...

Gaza1_7.14.14 photo Gaza_2014_zpsff4ba492.jpg

BTW, as long as we're on the subject of Zionist mass-murder, where's the head of the Catholic Church? He doesn't have time to address the Israeli slaughter of Palestinians, but does have time to comment on the World Cup?

Guess Pope Frankie is getting distracted by that new, hot-looking altar boy in the Vatican.


  1. Hi Greg,

    Earth is created for the pretty people with blue/blond types, like the israhellians!

    Rest are just "savages", like the native Americans & Palestinians.

    One land grabber must stand by another land grabber, isn't that right?

    On the lighter side, Frankie should invite all the hot illegal immigrant boys to Casa Vaticana.

  2. That poor child with it's head shot out. The poor father just watching helplessly. It was a scene like this that made me rethink my views as a Christian and being a blind supporter of Israel.

    If a Christian sees this and still supports Israel, they are partakers of mass murder. And when I mention Christian, I am specifically talking about American Christians with innocent blood on their hands.

  3. If your living in America you are sitting on land that was "grabbed", how stupid are you people. The Palestinians provoke a fight in every single case then run and hide behind their own children to be used as a political and real flesh and blood shield..the Palestinians only have to oust the terrorists in their city and be peaceful and they will never get attacked by Israel. They have no choice but to defend themselves you idiots. I would love to see what you would do...scratch that you would just die.


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