Saturday, September 6, 2014

"Oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for...WTF?"

Actually, I wasn't singing the song loved by American lemmings when I hit that pothole the size of Detroit, but I did say "What The Fuck!"

Driving down the highway, I momentarily took my eyes off the road and BAM, hit that damn pothole that was big enough to jar my teeth and mess up the front-end on my pickup, which means I'll have to spend some serious money get it realigned.

The pothole, like many others on US highways across the nation, are definitely bigger than those phony looking tiny holes in the ground that result from Israeli internal security services firing industrial strength bottle rockets from Gaza, back into Israel, that always seem to land where there's no one, mostly in the desert. But that gives the homicidal maniacs running Israel an excuse to go on another killing spree in Gaza, butchering mostly women and children, but I'm getting off track.

9.6.14 photo gar_zpsaae9fd7d.jpg

About 20 minutes before I hit that pothole, I was on a section of highway that had ruts gouged out from overloaded tractor-trailers that were so deep, I took my hands off the steering wheel for a bit and the truck was steering itself, since the ruts were deep enough to hold the vehicle in place while cruising along at 65 MPH.

Our bridges are also mostly in pitiful shape, especially the older ones in the rural areas that were built in the 1930's and 1940's. If you get a chance, stop by one, walk underneath and you'll see huge chunks of concrete missing, exposing the rebar that is rusting and major cracks in the sub-floor of the bridge, not a good sign.

Then there's our electrical grid, which is also woefully outdated, so much so that we lag behind most of the developed world. 'Brownouts' is a term we are going to get very familiar with.
According to researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, the average U.S. electricity consumer experiences an average of 214 minutes without power each year. This compares to just 21 minutes in Germany and a scant six minutes a year in Japan. While the challenges these countries face in delivering reliable electricity differ somewhat from those in the U.S., the fact remains that we have allowed the U.S. power grid to decline to the point that it cannot consistently meet our needs.

9.6.14 photo ASCE_zpsc90115c9.jpg

WE have allowed the U.S. "power grid to decline to the point that it cannot consistently meet our needs." What a shameful condition for the country that was one of the first to string electrical wiring for lights to devolve to, and it's only getting worse.

We need to start spending around 157 BILLION a year on our aging, overloaded infrastructure just to keep up with the status quo and several trillion to bring it into the 21st Century.

But who has time for that? We've got tasked a mission by the same group of mother fuckers that pulled off the 9/11 False Flag and are laughing now at how we show, again and again, how gullible we are by falling for some stupid-ass phony beheadings, which is getting us pissed off enough to go back into Iraq, with troops, which will happen after the Fall elections.

We need to stop this nonsense NOW, and start putting that money to good use here at home and tell Israel to "Piss Off," fight you own wars and then see how quickly that nation of blood-thirsty lunatics cleans up its act.

Or we watch as our nation crumbles to pieces before our eyes.




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  1. We are cutting off street lights, tearing up pavement and replacing it with gravel roads, laying off cops and firemen (and giving the cops that are left grenade launchers to do their job), allowing bridges to deteriorate (as you point out) and basically have allowed our infrastructure to be broken down, yet we have no problem spending TRILLIONS on pretend wars and supporting the most murderous crazies the world has ever generated.

    It isn't stupidity. It is planned, orchestrated, and determined to break this society down.


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