Monday, January 5, 2015

Flee, er, Fly Air Aliyah airways to Israel!

Is some pesky GOYIM attorney making noises about bringing charges against you, the most distinguished legal mind in the USA, no the world, for some alleged sex acts with some slutty GOY tramps?

Do none of your protests make any inroads against derailing this obvious miscarriage--oops, bad choice of words--against this obvious bastardization--oops, another poor word choice--against this obvious frame-up against YOU, the world's most distinguished legal mind?

Does the thought of spending any time in the 'slammer' bring chills to your aging bones?

Then put those worries away and Fly Air Aliyah airways to Israel!

Yes, Air Aliyah airways, known for sprinting murderers, con artists and financial fraud felons to safety in Israel, is now ready with a personal flight for you, Alan Dershowtiz to the fabled land of milk and honey! Don't count on the Tribe Support group, which has mostly taken over the USA judicial system, allowing G-d's favorite felons to flee prosecution and live out their life in Israel, to be of crucial help.

Americans will overlook the ransacking of their nations' wealth, Jew cons, the Jew False Flags that have bogged them down in endless wars fought to protect Israel and the corruption and takeover of their federal government, but they tend to get a bit edgy when it comes to a man, especially an elderly Jew, having sex with some underage girl.

So don't let this get into court where they juries might actually convict a 'Chosenite,' but use that special one-way ticket to Fly Air Aliyah airways to Israel and never look back!

Don't trust that dodgy non-prosecution agreement to CYA, instead flee, er Fly to Israel on Air Aliyah and enjoy the good life. Even sex with underage girls in the Land of Milk and Honey by visiting one of Tel Aviv's 300 brothels or dial up 'room service' to get that special underage girl we 'imported' from Europe or Russia to get that hot, illegal sex with an underage girl that you so love!

Delay no longer Alan, flee to Israel Today on Air Aliyah and enjoy the good life, like helping Israel's internal security agencies to torture hapless Palestinians. Or by using Palestinian kids heads for target practice.

The Promised Land of Organized Crime, Israel

Wikileaks exposure of Organized Crime in Israel

Special treatment gives Israeli mobsters free access to US soil


  1. "Americans will overlook the ransacking of their nations' wealth, Jew cons, the Jew False Flags that have bogged them down in endless wars fought to protect Israel and the corruption and takeover of their federal government"

    This American has not overlooked any of the transgressions by the Scumbag Few and eagerly await for their "Day in the Sun". I have even won a few bouts with the Shitclaws recently that must have made them hate me, and I love it.

  2. Good for you, Mike M. But be careful, the Jew is a rather prickly being. On this blog, 'Tribe' members have threatened me with violence, including death, for merely telling the truth, so watch your back.


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