Friday, March 6, 2015

This HoloHOAX Whopper is a Doozy! So Many Lie$, So Many Lie$.

And now for a 'real' holoHOAX story, by Irene Zisblatt, who has the book out of her account fantasies called "The Fifth Diamond."

Irene Weisberg Zisblatt came out on the Holocaust Promotion Scene in 1994, after a "fifty year silence" about her experience as a Jewish teenaged "Holocaust Survivor". Over her next fifteen years as a Holocaust Promoter, her stories would become more and more ridiculous, outrageous, scatological, racist, and impossible.

Irene Zisblatt claims :

She escaped from inside a gas chamber, (1995 - Current)
She barely avoided having her unblemished skin turned into a lampshade, (1995 - Today)
Doctor Mengele removed her tattoo, (1995 (but not Dr. Mengele) - Today)
She was thrown over the electrified barbed wire at the camps after escaping the gas chamber, naked, onto a train to another camp (1995 - Today)
A Nazi nurse gave her a phony lethal injection, (1995 - Today)
he repeatedly swallowed and defecated four diamonds for almost a year and a half while an inmate of the German concentration camps. (1998 - Today)
She was Mengele's guinea pig, and survived several "experiments", including one to make her eyes blue. (1995 (but Mengele isn't mentioned) - Today)
Multiple claims of Nazis draining blood from Jews. (2008? - Today)
She claims she General Patton visited her at a hospital in Pilzen, Czechoslovakia, where he gave her his "scarf" and his four star "buttons" (2008 - Today
More on this fraudster at this link, if you can stomach LIES, LIES and more LIES.

Scat connoisseur Zisblatt can't even get her tattoo number right, 'accidentally' taking or making up the number of A. Pastuszek.

That and more on this gas bag at this link, exposing even more of her LIES.

Fuck a Duck, made up holoHOAX hoaxes sound more realistic than these whoppers.

Here's a comment from the Youtube video page. Makes more sense than scat lover 'PISSblatt' does.
This woman is a saint! She doesn't say it here because she is a modest woman, but during her days in Auschwitz she served as the "banker" for other inmates: swallowing and disgorging their diamonds, gold, silverware, etc. so the Nazis wouldn't get them.

In fact she got so good at it that she could instantly defecate, fart, vomit, burp, sneeze or urinate any item whenever someone asked for it back.
Can you imagine digging thru your shit each day to find the four diamonds you'd swallowed the day before, to hide the diamonds from the prison camp guards, then cleaning the human shit off the diamonds, then swallowing the diamonds AGAIN, each and every day for 15 or 18 or 21 months (she keeps changing the timeline) and never getting sick from ingesting your own waste?
If she was short on water to wash her diamonds, did she wash them off with her own urine?

Why not, hell, that's as credible as anything else from this windbag.
Zisblatt claims to have repeatedly ingested, defecated and sifted through her feces in order to hide four diamonds given to Zisblatt by her mother to hold onto to buy bread, over the year and several months Zisblatt spent in Nazi concentration camps. This, despite not mentioning anything past swallowing the diamonds once on arrival in her original 1995 Shoah Foundation Visual History foundation videotaped testimony.

Zisblatt claims to have spoken to SIX MILLION people about her fantastical story, even though her story is vague, and where details are given, the narration is frequently inconsistent or conflicts with the established historical facts.
She never mentions coming down with diphtheria, dysentery, Salmonella or other ailments one would get from ingesting even tiny amounts of human shit.

To count the lies from this grifter, one would need a calculator, one that counted to SIX MILLION.

Most American interrogators of the imprisoned German soldiers for the Nuremberg show trials were JEWS.

This Nazi slave labor camp commander was arrested by the German authorities for not properly taking care of his prisoners. He tried and sentenced to death. Sentence was carried out.

What's that? A Nazi slave labor camp commander was arrested, tried, found guilty and executed for not properly taking care of his prisoners?

The REAL holocaust survivors are the humans on this planet that haven't succumbed to the around-the-clock Jew brainwashing about the biggest racket of all time, the Holocaust™

If you haven't fallen prey to these money-hungry gangsters who use the Holocaust™ to prevent any legit questions being asked about Israel's genocide of the Palestinians in the Gaza Death Camp and to rake in huge sums of loot, paid by host nations that have been ransacked by Jew predators, then you are the real holocaust survivor and should be awarded large sums of cash as a reward for not losing your common sense, your ability to think and act.

It's brazen LIES like this one that has made Israel's deranged leader, Netenyahu, de facto leader of the USA, as witnessed Tuesday when most of the US Congress shamefully groveled before this psycho, giving that war monger an added charge to his damaged brain that wants the USA to wage war against Iran.


  1. Shit-eater needs an award:

  2. This Shits-Splat woman is so disgusting...

    Watching that video of this LIAR for the umteenth time, I can clearly see the shifty-ness in her eyes meaning she is lying her ass off....

    These liars lie because their god Satan commands them to be the liars of mankind and the dregs of the earth...

    And this consumate liar has made out like a bandit from the Holocau$t lie....

  3. They need some kind of award, but they kind I'm thinking of would involve too many X-rated words for Blogger.

  4. Last week I found Jewish educators who praised this woman not because of her stories but because she embodied the Jewish spirit for eternal survival against all odds and for that her stories should be accepted as real.

    Graduate of the School of Wiesel.

  5. Oh, I remember the Shit Eater documentary. Just one exposure to feces is dangerous, but on a continuous basis? I got deathly ill with Hepatitis A, the most mild type, and it almost killed me.

    The psychopaths lie so often that they forget many Holocaust claims are being debunked by simple logic and forensic science.

    The Holohoax is a money maker for them and they will do anything, such as making Holocaust Denial, a crime.

  6. I hear you Lee, about the Hepatitis thing.

    Got a dose of that A type once from a restaurant and so did some others and the local health department figured out that one of their cooks wasn't keen on washing his hands after going to the toilet.

    A number of people were able to contact that stuff after a minute exposure to shit and yet PISSBLATT didn't after all those months?

  7. Why didn't she hide them up her vajayjay? Would have been much easier.

  8. andie, maybe she got confused and thought that was her vajajay.


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