Monday, March 16, 2015

Using Chemistry to Blow Up the Holocaust™ Lie

Background: My experience in dealing with toxic gases comes from my time on the fire department. For about 14 years, I was in charge of the department's Combustible Gas Monitors (CGM), hand-held units, battery powered that have sensors that 'sniff' the air to check for the proper amount of oxygen, around 20%; and whether or not there are toxic gases in the ambient air, like Carbon Monoxide or Hydrogen Sulfide that would require an evacuation of the people and or personnel from the area and using high speed fans to ventilate the gas or gases to the outside and using our SCBA breathing packs.

I set up schedules to calibrate the units each month and after a major exposure and wrote an SOP used by the department regarding the correct usage of CGM's. When the sensors fouled out or were exposed to heavy amounts of gas, I made sure the sensors were replaced.

I arranged for training or trained others I taught that assisted me in this task, so I have a way better than average understanding of what toxic gases do and how to react to avoid injury or death.

One of the things I stressed in training is how to monitor the air, using the term 'Vapor Density' as a guide. Here's the official explanation:
Vapor density is defined with respect to air, not hydrogen. Air is given a vapor density of one.

With this definition, the vapor density would indicate whether a gas is denser (greater than one) or less dense (less than one) than air.
What that says is that the air we live in and breathe is given the neutral rating of ONE. Any gases that have a higher vapor density than one will sink to the floor and those that have a vapor density less than one are lighter than air and will float to the ceiling.

The vapor density of Hydrogen cyanide gas is 0.93% which means it floats upwards.

Which means that Hydrogen Cyanide (HC) will float to the ceiling in a confined space, a fact that will appear again shortly.

Auschwitz a Death Camp?

3.16.15 photo au_zpsz1pfpttl.png
"With regard to gas chambers, the almost endless procession of false witnesses and of falsified documents to which I have invited the reader's attention during this long study, proves, nevertheless, only one thing: never at any moment did the responsible authorities of the Third Reich intend to order — or, in fact, order — the extermination of the Jews in this or any other manner."
Paul Rassinier, who helped smuggle Jews out of German occupied France and was caught and imprisoned in Buchenwald and Dora concentration camps until the end of the war.

Fantastic Video exposing the lie about using Zyklon-B pellets to kill humans.

Allied aerial reconnaissance photos taken of the [Auschwitz] camp complex in 1944 -- at the height of the supposed extermination process there -- show absolutely no trace of any [crematoria] smoke whatsoever.

Pic of Interior of Majdanek gas chamber. Where are the openings to drop in the Zyklon-B pellets and the large vents and fans needed to disperse the agent afterwards? Notice also the blue coloring paint that is near the bottom of the wall, supposedly signaling Hydrogen Cyanide contamination.

03.16.15 photo MajdanekGas_zpsfpkfydx8.jpg

Except that HC is LIGHTER than air, meaning it would drift upwards, not down. The upper corners of this room is where they should of applied the coloring. And when used to execute people, an EGG-SIZED chunk is needed to just kill ONE person, not a handful of pebble-sized pellets that supposedly killed hundreds at a time.

The Holocaust™ gang claims that moisture and human heat was all that was needed to turn the Zyklon-B pellets into cyanide gas, but sulfuric acid is needed in the real world, as in during executions to form the HC gas.

What heat was available in the Winter? Considering that 1942-44 were some of he coldest Winters on record, how did they gas anyone due to lack of heat?

Cyanides were stockpiled in chemical weapons arsenals in both the Soviet Union and the United States in the 1950s and 1960s. However, as a military agent, hydrogen cyanide was not considered very effective, since it is lighter than air and needs a significant dose to incapacitate or kill.

OMG!!! Nazi hand-held super pistol could shot thru 12 heads at once with only ONE bullet!


  1. Hi Greg,

    I've been hiding lately:) Thanks for the breakdown on vapor density. I sucked at chemistry.

    America's sweetheart nutty is declaring himself as the biggest dick on earth, following his trip to the big domed brothel house in DC:

    " Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on Twitter, claimed a "great victory" in Israel's election on Tuesday, after exit polls showed his right-wing Likud party even with its main opponent, the center-left Zionist Union."

    Excuse me, I gotta sneeze...DieBold!

  2. Hey, Musique, how are things?

    Yes, it looks like Nutty won, but as I point out in today's blod, that will be a good thing.

  3. I saw a documentary on executions by gassing. The process is extremely dangerous for the executioner. The gas has to be treated before venting to the outside atmosphere through a catalytic type of converter.

    I also saw a documentary on PBS about the gas chambers in Auschwitz. Scientist found no trace of any chemical residue on the walls. Not even at the atomic level.

    So, based on simple chemical inspection and forensic science, the Holocaust has been debunked.

    Furthermore, why would the Germans spend time and money on exterminating these people? Hitler was keeping them safe because they were a bargaining chip for political gain.


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