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Miraculous Israeli Tales of Lucky Escapes in Terror Attacks! ✡ ✈ ▌▌

All Terrorist Roads Lead to Israel

Incredible Israeli Tales of Lucky Escapes in Westgate Attack

In the wake of terrorist attacks that invariably seem to benefit Israel, an increasingly expected feature is the incredible tales of lucky escapes — some less credible than others — subsequently told either by Israelis or Tel Aviv’s foreign agents. Soon after the attacks on September 11, 2001, the former chairman of the United Jewish Appeal in New York explained how his wife’s insistence that he not miss a dermatologist’s appointment that morning saved him from almost certain death in the Twin Towers. The owner of the World Trade Center had spent every morning subsequent to July 26 holding breakfast meetings in the Windows on the World restaurant and getting to know his new tenants right up to the morning of September 10.

Like the 9/11 attacks on the U.S., stories have also emerged of Israelis who miraculously escaped serious harm or death during last month’s terrorist attack on the Israeli-owned Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. As Albert Attias, the head of the Jewish community in the Kenyan capital and an Israeli military veteran, told the Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

No Jews were among the victims of the attack, according to Attias, which occurred as many community members attended the bar mitzvah celebration of an Israeli diplomat’s son.

The Jewish Press also reports that Israel’s Deputy Ambassador to Kenya Yaki Lopez and the embassy’s security officer arrived at the command center of the local security forces soon after the first reports about the attack:

“We knew the shopping center is owned by Israelis and renowned as a place where many Israelis hang out,” Lopez told Maariv. “Four of the restaurants there are also owned by Israelis and many Israelis are employed in the place..."
Miracle of miracles!

The Kenyan mall was usually flooded with Jews, but on the day of the attack, they weren't there. Guess their G-d is the top dog in heaven to always be around when these 'unexplained' terror attacks hit.

Gosh, I can't believe it! This pic somehow disappeared from my photo-hosting site, had to reload the damn thing. Must be some technical glitch, huh?

5.12.15 photo Jewsdidwtc_zpspnha6gof.gif

Like the thousands and thousands of Jews that worked at the WTC on 9/11, they too escaped harm, thanks to getting a message beforehand warning them to get the hell out. Odigo and Israeli instant messaging service, is located in Herzliya, Israel, the same location as MOSSAD HDQ.
On September 12, 2001, the Internet edition of The Jerusalem Post reported, "The Israeli foreign ministry has collected the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack." Yet only one Israeli was killed at the WTC and two were reportedly killed on the "hijacked" aircraft. Although a total of three Israeli lives were reportedly lost on 9/11, speechwriters for President George W. Bush grossly inflated the number of Israeli dead to 130 in the president's address to a joint session of Congress on September 20, 2001.

Wait, there's more!

On September 10, 2001, the Tokyo branch of Goldman Sachs warned its Jewish American employees to stay clear of American buildings.

Unfortunately, they didn't pass that insider knowledge onto their GOYIM friends in the WTC, who either got incinerated or crushed to death on 9/11.

And another Israeli outfit, ZIM American Israeli Shipping Company, got the hell out of Dodge and the WTC a week prior to 9/11. Maybe G-d whispered in their ears, it's time to vamoose?
[FBI Special Agent] Mike Dick, aggressively investigated this Israeli ring before and after 911. But like O’Neill, he soon found himself removed from his duties on the orders of the then-head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division Michael Chertoff. Dick was very suspicious when Israeli movers quickly moved Zim American Israeli Shipping Company out of its 10,000 square feet of office space on the 17th Floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center . The partially Israeli state-owned firm forfeited a $50,000 security deposit when it terminated its lease and vacated the building one week prior to 911. According to a non official cover (NOC) CIA source who worked with Dick, Israeli movers moved explosives into the 17th Floor office space after Zim moved out.

After 911, Dick as well as the CIA NOC were harassed by their superiors on orders “from above.” Those orders came from Chertoff. Dick was first relieved of his primary counter-espionage duties.

Maybe that message was from G-d?

It's obvious G-d favors the Jews, since he/she/it is always giving them warnings ahead of mysterious terror attacks so they won't get their curly hair singed.

Miracles of miracles!

MOSSAD, the Israeli assassination, kidnapping and false flag outfit, knows how to blend into a scene:
"Wildcard. Ruthless and cunning. Has capability to target U.S. forces and make it look like a Palestinian/Arab act."

Part of a study done by the Army School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS) paper for devising ways to enforce a major Israeli-Palestinian peace accord that was released on September 10,2001.

Washington Times
What other pies are the bloody fingers of Mossad in?
* The Mossad recruits Arab agents to carry out missions.

* Israeli agents are skilled at impersonating Arabs.

* Mossad had an elaborate plan to vilify Iraq and involve the US in a war against it.

* MOSSAD knew in advance of the 1983 Arab surprise attack on US Marines based in Lebanon. Instead of warning their American "allies", Mossad deliberately allowed more than 200 US Marines to be killed in the surprise bombing attack.

* Wealthy Zionists in America are often called upon to help carry out Mossad missions.
With the above in mind, let's see what neoCON whack job John Bolton, the FOX N*** darling, has to say about future terror attacks:
Bolton: Terrorists May Attack Before Obama Leaves Office

Former US ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton says terrorists may attack the United States while President Barack Obama is still in office.

He warned of weapons of mass destruction which are in the hands of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists, a “nuclear holocaust” for Israel and possible attacks before Obama leaves office
Straight from his Master, Israeli war criminal at-large Benny Netanyahu.

UPDATE: Almost forgot about the attack back in April 2014 on the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and Village Shalom by an alleged Jew-hating, anti-Semite. Miller went there to shoot Jews, but the first report that came out had an eyewitness saying that Miller was asking people their religion before shooting.
So this 'Jew-hating, anti-Semite' goes to a place where Jews are thicker than Spring dandelions to shoot 'Chosenites,' and winds up killing Christians?

That was the initial report, which soon got dropped down the memory hole and changed to the meme that Miller was gunning for Jews.


BTW, April 14 was the beginning of the Jew 'holy' day of Passsover.

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  1. So many dots connected! I'm always learning new things about 9-11! Good video + your commentary. Did you see my Jim Jones and ADL post? I learned through Mae Brussel's take on Jim Jones that Jim's 2 temples were previously synagogues. That raised a red flag for me so I went searching for more information which I found at the Larouche website, then I googled every organization mentioned and they are all fronts for ADL. Your video reminded me of it how all these companies and institutions lead to the same source.


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