Monday, June 8, 2015

Fascist Israelis Teach Their Kids to Shoot the Indigenous Palestinians

An Israeli boy wearing a military vest throws a mock grenade during a traditional military weapon display to mark the 66th anniversary of Israel 'independence' at the occupied West Bank settlement of Efrat on 6 May 2014
6.8.15 photo Isra_kid_zpsliuwt7oo.jpg
East Jerusalem schoolkids act out murder of Palestinian by IDF soldier

A kindergarten in East Jerusalem has come up with a controversial play which showed a kid dressed as IDF soldier killing a Palestinian boy with a gun. The supporters of the victim then cover him in a Palestinian flag.

The play took place in a kindergarten at the Dar al-Hekma private school in Beit Hanina, a Palestinian neighborhood in East Jerusalem, the Arabic-language Himma News reported. The site posted a video of the performance but soon deleted it. It was later uploaded by the Jerusalem Post.

The kids learn from their Storm Trooper parents, who delight in torturing Palestinians, the Israeli form of Viagra, giving help to lift those flaccid Israeli peckers!

Israeli soldiers attack Palestinian teen with dog
A video has emerged online showing Israeli soldiers threatening a Palestinian teenager with their dogs, one of which bit the boy, who ended up in the hospital. The army has promised an investigation, which like all other Israeli 'investigations' into the ethnic cleansing of Palestine by the Khazar psychos, will go nowhere.

Why do the Zionist Occupation Force use GERMAN Shepherds?

Israel Planning Blitzkrieg Against GOYIM Slaves for being 'uppity!'

Disturbing photos show militarization of Israeli children



  2. This is silly, this is their veterans day, same thing I do with my kid in the US. We go out once a year and the kid gets to play soldier.
    Talk about propaganda and outright lies, this place has it.


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