Monday, July 20, 2015

Can You Answer Correctly These Questions About American Media Figures?

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1. What is the difference between 'former' Jerusalem Post reporter and founding member of the notorious Jew lobby, AIPAC, Wolf Blitzer and a syphilitic rectum?

2. What is the difference between FOX N*** propagandist Brian Kilmeade and a large pile of dog puke?

3. What is the difference between the pill-popping racist Rush Limbaugh and a fresh pile of hog shit?

4. What is the difference between an oozing, pus-filled canker sore and that lover of 'Loofa sponges,' Bill O'Reilly?

ANSWER: There is absolutely NO difference between the above diseases, except one can usually get rid off the actual diseases with proper meds. No known cure has been found for the Jew MSM.

NOTE: Bob Schieffer, the Zionist organ grinder monkey on CBS, allegedly has licked so many unwashed, foul-smelling Israeli Jew rectums, that his tongue had developed its own unique case of hepatitis, 'Hepatitis Z.'

Can't answer that question about 'Bobbing Bob,' will need to do more research!

What one area of Gaza looked like in July 2014. The Jew is craving more blood, not sure these American False Flags will be enough to quell their unholy thirst.
July2014 photo July2014_zpsvmflkirw.jpg


  1. I must admit that I got a kick out of this. Very nice. I agree and could devote many, many more pages to it. As could you, I'm sure.

    See you at the fun camps!

  2. My arms would fall off before I could type in all the Zionist bozos polluting American minds.

  3. What I find frustrating about some of your posts, Greg, like this one, is that after reading it I can never be sure what your position is. You are so ambivalent and so vague! Get off the fence and tell us once and for all how you feel about the Tribe. :-)
    A fan

  4. ariadnatheo, can't you see I'm a BIG fan of racists, mass-murderers, bigots, thieves, false flag lovers, corruptors and baby-killers!!!

  5. They are made of the scum that rises to the top of my boiling meat and I scrape out.

  6. Don't you think, that Gandhi quote apply to us goyim?
    Gandhi rendered the Indians responsible for the occupation of India, and not the British. He pointed out that if one hundred thousand British had managed to control three hundred million Indians, is that the latter wanted to.


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