Saturday, July 25, 2015

The Little Rascals, "The Kid from Borneo" + One Bonus feature!

One of my favorite Depression-era TV series, the "Little Rascals' (Our Gang) always managed to get in trouble and find plenty of laughs along the way during the Federal Reserve engineered Great Depression.

This particular episode fell to the PC axe, withdrawn from the 'Boob Tube' due to "racial humor and negative treatment of handicapped people."

Which is Bullshit. The Little Rascals treated all the same, everyone on the show was fair game for childish pranks. The black Rascal. Ernie Morrison was, in fact, the first African-American actor signed to a long-term contract in Hollywood history, and was the first major African-American star in Hollywood history as well.
The Rascals cast even had Asian-Americans and the girl Rascal, 'Darla,' was one of the boys and could raise as much hell as any of the boys.

Future child stars Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland both applied for the show and both failed the auditions.

Dickie, Dorothy, and Spanky's Uncle George are in town. Uncle George manages a show called "Wild Man from Borneo", featuring a foreigner with a mentality of a seven-year-old child. The kids' father refuses to let the real Uncle George come over so their mother has the kids visit him at the show's location. Their mother explains to the kids that Uncle George is the black sheep of the family.

They come to the show location and another worker tells the kids that Uncle George will be right there. They mistake the Wild Man from Borneo named Bumbo (a man dressed with horns) for the real Uncle George, who is never seen as he was off running an errand. The Wild Man spots Stymie's candy, he shouts "Yumm Yumm Eat-Em-Up, Eat-Em-Up!!!", and chases the kids back to their house. Once there, the wild man asks for more candy, saying “Yumm, yumm, Eat-Em-Up!” and chases the kids throughout the house. The wild man runs after them, messes the house up, eats everything in the refrigerator whole (including containers plus eggs & their shells!), drinks wine, gets drunk and further destroys much of the house while continuing to chase the kids inebriated, wielding a kitchen knife, repeating "Eat-Em-Up, Eat-Em-Up". The Little Rascals themselves fend off the Wild Man in their usual mischievous ways. Stymie is almost done in until Dorothy cracks the ruffian over the head with a vase. The Kid from Borneo is countervailed by the Rascals, but at the expense of the destruction of some of the house by the mistaken Uncle George.

Then, the mother arrives and asks Spanky where Uncle George is. She is directed upstairs and goes to an upstairs bedroom where she finds the Wild Man from Borneo lying in bed with the covers pulled over him, recovering from the cheap wine and the kids' attacks. Thinking that it's her brother, the real Uncle George, she is shocked to find the primitive tribesman Bumbo and jumps out of the second-story window to escape the brute. When the father comes home soon after, Dickie says "Uncle George is upstairs." The dad rolls up his sleeves, vows to punch Uncle George, and heads upstairs. He looks for George and finds the Wild Man instead, who throws him literally out the 2nd floor window with no effort whatsoever. Then Spanky blasts the Wild Man out of the same window with a Roman candle shot to the rear. Out on the ground, the Wild Man joins the father and mother, where all three run off into the distance as Spanky giggles with his signature laugh.

The entire episode is available at this link.

And now, the bonus, "Dogs is Dogs," starring 'Petey,' the Wonder Dog!

More "Little Rascals" at this link:


  1. I own most of the shows, the one you showcase is one of my favorites. My brother and I, as young adults use to get together, smoke some pot and watch the shows, endless laughs and was the only time I would ever smoke pot.

  2. I still laugh like a fool when watching the Rascals.

    Proof that Hollywood can make good, clean entertainment that isn't filled with sex scenes, nudity and clowns using the 'F' word like a carpenter uses nails.

  3. This business of Israel in Africa needs to be monitored

  4. andie, don't have a 'Facebook' account and don't visit their pages, but did go to this link about Yids in Ghana.

    Iowa must have quite the Jewish infestation.

  5. I love the Little Rascals, spent hours watching them. Thanks for the link. Things sure have changed since then.


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