Saturday, November 14, 2015

American Jew Senate Candidate SUPPORTS Beirut Massacre

One of the victims of the Beirut massacre, which the depraved Stern openly celebrates.
Beirutbombing_11.15 photo Beirut mass_zpsdfyz9tgf.png

From a busboy in a Chinese restaurant to being a viable candidate for the Senate. With the power of Jew Inc behind him, since America can never have enough Israeli-Firsters in the Senate, he will probably win some computerized voting scam into office, where he can openly serve his true love, Zionism and Israel.

From the 'Crimes of Empire' blog:
Evil US Senate Candidate Openly Support Beirut Mass Murder.

Everett A Stern a candidate Republican candidate for the US Senate in Pennsylvania has tweeted multiple expressions of support for the Beirut massacre that left 43 civilians dead and more than 200 wounded after a crowded street was targeted by ISIL suicide bombers during the evening rush hour.

Everett A. Stern ‏@SternEverett

GOOD NEWS!!! I HOPE HEZBOLLAH TERRORISTS WERE KILLED. … Twin suicide blasts kill 41 in Hezbollah bastion in Beirut.
Not content to leave it there Stern followed up with the psychotic.
Hezbollah uses children as human shields. I would not be surprised if they used children as shields during the ISIS attack. #beruitbombing
Stern followed that with this further insult to humanity.
“I support any attack made against Hezbollah That includes the attack launched today against Hezbollah in Lebanon. #beruit”
This man thinks it is a good thing for people to be blown up by terrorists in the street. What a depraved and morally contemptible psychopathic piece of trash.

Amen to that.

Notice how the liar Stern repeats the Jew Inc lie about Hezbollah using human shields, when it's actually the ZOF Storm Troopers that use Palestinian civilians as human shields, including children, as an Israeli court has ruled?

1,200 times in five years did the IDF use humans as shields when committing the latest war crimes against defenseless Gaza.


  1. Stern ?? The name say it all.. No more comments needed !

  2. Maybe he's from one of these drug addled Hasid clans:

  3. It's also tragic when people think their patriotism is going to save them. What, there are bunkers allotted for Fox news patriots?


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