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Getting Murdered for Telling the Truth About the Israeli Masterminded 9/11 False Flag

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"If you want to know who was behind 9/11, follow the money" ~ 'Splitting the Sky' is/was a political activist who spoke truth to power, especially about the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

Listen to a wise First People, 'Splitting the Sky' tell the truth about 9/11.

From November 2008. At the 19 minute mark, STS says he could be killed for exposing this murderous operation.

"Please, if someone tells you that I died from a slip and fall – don’t fall for it!" ~ Splitting the Sky

STS was murdered for speaking the truth to the world.
On March 13, 2013, Boncore [Splitting the Sky] was found dead near his home on the Adams Lake Indian Reserve near Chase, BC. Media reports indicate he is believed to have died on March 12, 2013, after falling on cement steps and possibly suffering a blow to the head. The coroner's office dismissed foul play before a planned autopsy was conducted.
If an autopsy had not been done, how could the authorities know STS was died murdered on March 12?

Splitting the Sky was murdered by Zionist thugs who will silence anyone who tells the truth about the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag and starts gaining an audience. Jew Inc must protect this very lucrative fraud just like they've been protecting another Jew con job, the holocaust fraud.

Not only was the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag a 'Jewish Lightning' event to collect money on asbestos buildings, it also allowed Jew controlled Wall Street banks to go on an unprecedented run of corruption, stealing trillions from average people, their pension funds and retirees in the Mortgage Backed Securities fraud, since people were too nervous and scared, wondering if some 'al CIA Duh' stooge was going to attack again,fear which was aided and abetted by Jew Inc media to keep people from looking closer at all the Wall Street fraud being committed.
And it gave Israeli lackey's in DC the excuse they wanted to start attacking ME nations Israel wanted destroyed so Jew Inc could steal their land.

"Presto, Chango, Make it Disappear!"

"You have 10-story buildings that leave more debris than these two 100-story towers, Where the fuck is everything? A serious week-long search and we've found 200 [bodies] in a pile of 5,000? What's going on? Where is everyone? Why aren't we finding more bodies? Cause it's all vaporized -- turned to dust. We're breathing people in that dust."

A Brooklyn fireman after completing a 24 hour shift working the WTC debris after 9/11 (Story well worth the read)

200,000 tons of steel and 425,000 cubic yards of concrete at the WTC that somehow vaporized into a pile of pulverized dust and twisted steel girders?

Explain how Osama Bin Laden managed that with a couple of airliners, to vaporize nearly 400,000,000 million pounds of steel and 850,000,000 thousand pounds of concrete? Along with several thousand people?

Exposing the Real Criminals Behind 9-11 and the NWO Agenda

Thanks to the excellent truth blog run by a savvy lady named 'Genie,'

UPDATE: Left out of all the hundreds of millions of pounds of vaporized concrete and construction steel is the tens and tens of thousands of tons of flooring, like tile, linoleum and carpeting. All the sheetrock and framing studs, both metal and wood. All of the thousands of buckets of 'mud' used to cover the sheet rock joints.
All of the plumbing used for piping drinking water and removing waste water. Plus the sinks, toilets, etc.
The fire alarm and sprinkler systems.

All of the electrical wiring to all those wall and ceiling sockets.

All of the HVAC units and duct work, a considerable amount of weight in itself.

The ceilings and supports. Wall coverings like paint and trim.

Plus the desks, computers, phone system and Internet wiring and cable.

Add in faxes, copiers, tables, chairs, lamps, ceiling lights, mini-bars and their fridges, wall decorations like paintings.

Add all that and you get a helluva lot of weight that was also VAPORIZED on 9/11 by Bin Laden and some coke-head, lap dance loving Arab drunks?

Sorry, but there's so many lies surrounding 9/11 that by now, only those that believe the official government lie are either paid shills, or their jobs and fortunes depend on keeping the lie going or they're so dangerous, they shouldn't be allowed to handle sharp objects.

P.S. When you calculate the amount of debris removed from the 'Twins,' keep in mind much of it was wet, drenched from around-the-clock fire hoses running on the still burning pile and a heavier. than normal September rainfall.


  1. Hello, Greg. How have you been? (Am I talking to the same Greg Bacon that was a member of the Yahoo group 9-11TruthAction long ago?)

  2. Explain how Osama Bin Laden managed that with a couple of airliners, to vaporize nearly 400,000,000 million pounds of steel and 850,000,000 thousand pounds of concrete? Along with several thousand people?
    Simple... Like the 6 millions gassed in Auschwitz & incinerated to ashes ?? Same mechanics .. Osama learned from Hitler personally..

  3. Hello, Greg. How have you been? (Am I talking to the same Greg Bacon that was a member of the Yahoo group 9-11TruthAction long ago?)

    Nope, I would never join anything from Yahooieee.

  4. "Nope, I would never join anything from Yahooieee.", nor would I, but this was back in 2004.

    Well then either there are two Greg Bacons, or I'm mistaken, and recognize the name from somewhere else.

    Good luck to you anyway, and thanks for helping the 9-11 Truth Movement.

  5. I remember brother Greg from comments on irish4palestine blog, and sister Noor too. We were so young:-)

  6. greg, anyone with computer skills and a computer (dont own one) and if think worthwhile, can you pull up sept 2011 issue of "soldiers magazine" (official mag of the army)?

    has a great pic, sure you have seen, of silo shaped hole through both walls of pentagon's C ring, ground level: E, D, C, B, A (inner).

    use to be easy to pull up.

  7. 5 dancing shlomos, already have used that pic on several past blogs, here's a link to one of them showing a nearly perfect opening that the GOY are supposed to believe was caused by a 757 hitting the building.

    Think that I'm having 'termite' trouble these past few days since posting the blog at the top.
    The 'termites' with long, hooked noses that dig in and try to destroy anything they don't like.

  8. greg,

    thanks for the link.


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