Saturday, January 16, 2016

What the Holocaust™ FRAUD Means to Gazans and Syrians

To Gazans, the Holocaust™ FRAUD means getting terrorized, murdered and having more of their land stolen on a weekly basis while American traitors suck-up to Israel in the hopes of getting money so they can be an even bigger traitor to their country.

Typical day in Occupied Palestine

The Holocaust™ FRAUD allows the parasitic state of hate, Israel, to kill Palestinians without fear of repercussion and steal their land, properties and homes. Some Palestinians are even kidnapped, then have their organs stolen by the Jew terrorists.

This is the future for many Palestinians, murdered by the Judaic parasites so the Khazar interlopers can dance their macabre dance of death honoring their Lord, the one of Light.

1.1.16 photo Gaza_12.15_zpsp0wmejd7.png

This is what the Holocaust™ FRAUD means to Syrians, the destruction of their nation by the Jew occupied nations of France, the USA, Germany, England etc. The traitors in those nations serve Israel and the Jews, not their constituents.
These traitors help keep the endless wars alive and Jew Inc uses its control over media to fill American heads with rubbish about 'al CIA Duh' or DAESH or ISIS terrorists so we'll remain scared witless and demand more killing of people 7,000 miles away which does absolutely nothing to protect us, but allows Israel to steal more of their land and more of our wealth thru control of the FED and those Too Big to Fail Wall Street casinos, which are again on the verge of blowing up.

How would you like your home town to look like Homs, Syria? Courtesy of American traitors serving Israel
Homs_Syria photo homs-syria-1_2629740k_zpsxhzmhoxk.jpg

Even Jewish Rabbis are admitting that the holocaust is a fraud, stating that nowhere near six million Jews were killed by Herr Hitler. Nor five million...Nor four million...Nor three or even two million. Less than a million and most of those died from disease outbreaks, like typhus hitting the slave labor camps after the Allies carpet-bombed Germany, obliterating the supply lines to the camps. Without clean water, meds, adequate food, and removal of human waste, all Hell breaks loose no matter where.

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  1. The New York Times reports: “From 1890 to 1902 he caused 6,000,000 Jewish families to be expelled from Russia.”

    the magic numbers for Khazar Jew mafia.


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