Monday, February 15, 2016

Some of the Jews Looting, Then Wrecking American Businesses, Part III

This series would not be complete without mentioning one of the biggest enablers of this misery, Kenneth FEINBERG, hired gun for numerous dodgy deals that wind up fucking over the American worker. While the FED, with the approval of their GOY bitches in the WH hand out multibillion/trillion dollar bailouts to the same Jew run Wall Street bank officials guilty of looting the economy to the point of expiration, the American worker gets the shaft and sees their savings stolen and pension plan gutted, with many seeing a 50-80% cut in benefits.
Asked by the World Socialist Web Site whether he would use a similar approach with regard to workers’ pensions, Feinberg declared that he never approved multi-million-dollar bonuses to Wall Street executives.

But a 2012 report by Neil Barofsky, the inspector general for the TARP bank bailout, exposes Feinberg’s statement as a lie. Barofsky found that Feinberg “approved total compensation packages in the millions” and did not “effectively rein in excessive compensation.”

Barofsky’s report added, “In 2009, OSM [Office of the Special Master, i.e., Feinberg] approved total compensation of cash and stock of more than $1 million each for five AIG employees including a $10.5 million pay package for AIG’s new CEO that included a $3 million cash salary.” Barofsky added that Feinberg “approved compensation ranging from $4.3 million to $7.1 million each for four AIG employees who that year were also scheduled to receive cash retention awards of up to $2.4 million.”

But far from being an independent arbiter, Feinberg is a bag-man for Wall Street and its representatives in the Obama administration. His role is not to arbitrate an equitable solution to the chronic de-funding of employee pensions in the United States, but rather to facilitate the outcome most favorable to the banks and major corporations.

Protecting Israel From Exposure, Hellerstein the Kosher Mob Boss
2.12.16_hellerstei photo heller_zpsgdf4ksig.jpg

From helping with the 9/11 False Flag coverup, to helping BP slide out of the Gulf disaster, avoiding paying the true cost of their mess, Feinberg is the 'fixer' to help Jew Inc and their mobs escape justice for their crimes.

Feinberg was responsible for handing out the cash to the 9/11 victims families, on the stipulation that they could not sue the government and ask pesky questions about who really did 9/11. Feinberg and the trial judge in this dog and pony show, Alvin Hellerstein knew they couldn't take a chance on letting those who refused the cash to go to trial, possibly exposing the Israeli mastermind behind the False Flag, so the SOB's stalled, delayed and dallied for nearly three years until they crammed his final decision down the remaining victims throats, made them take the cash and refused to let any trial or investigation go forward.

Two Zionist Jew judges, Hellerstein and Feinberg tag-teaming the 9/11 victims families. What a coincidence that both of these judges are Zionist Jews!

All 9/1 Roads Lead to Israel
9-11 Judge is Connected to Rothschild-Funded Mossad Culprit ICTS

"This bastard judicial system is so corrupt." – 9/11 widow Ellen Mariani

Alvin K. Hellerstein is the judge who handles all 9-11 litigation. His son is an Israeli lawyer who emigrated to Israel in 2001 and whose law firm works for and with the Rothschild-funded Mossad company responsible for the 9-11 terror attacks. This presents a clear case of criminal conflict of interest and explains why Hellerstein has protected the Israeli culprits of the false-flag terrorism of 9-11 by preventing a trial and blocking any legal discovery of what really happened.

He has completely obstructed justice for the 9-11 relatives – for eight years – by blocking any discovery and preventing the families from getting the one thing they all wanted: an open trial to find the truth of who was responsible for the terror attacks that caused the loss of their loved ones. Hellerstein has played a key role in the 9-11 cover-up by blocking legal discovery and preventing a trial from occurring.
Hellerstein then imposed a 'gag' order on the plaintiffs. Hell, just reading about this slimy POS makes me want to gag.

Judge 'Shlomo' even went so far as to tell the interested parties in 9/11 lawsuits they CAN'T question the FBI.

How does this tie-in to the blog title? The 9/11 False Flag was used as a distraction to let the Jew Gangsters go on an unprecedented looting spree, stealing trillions from Americans because the JEW MSM kept them too scared with endless tale of non-existent Muslim boogiemen to ask any questions about why their pension was looted or what happened to the money we invested in the stock market?

Oh, BTW, Hellerstein also refused to sanction the CIA for destroying those Abu Ghraib and Gitmo torture tapes. Man, does he stay busy or what? Didn't realize their was a shortage of Federal judges!

The Same Mob That Pulled This off Also Did the Same to Our Economy. Rather apt symbolism, eh?
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  1. Once again I am moved to complement you for your research on this important topic - 'How Jews have acquired so much power to manage and direct the Governments of Western Countries'!
    Your work complements Philip Giraldi's important article -

    Israel's International Conspiracy

    Nearly every western country has an Israel lobby

    Keep at it; this 'secret' activity of Jews in contemporary society, must be revealed. Their corrupting activities will be thwarted if a large percentage of Westerners finally understand what is behind all the dreadful decisions ( wars ) that have been made in the last 116 years.

  2. Today in Britain.

    "Israel boycott ban: Shunning Israeli goods to become criminal offence for public bodies and student unions"

    Last July in the US:

    Resolved, That the House of Representatives—

    (1) opposes politically motivated acts of boycott, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel;

    (2) calls on the Administration to increase the use of its voice, vote, and influence in international organizations and other appropriate international forums to actively oppose politically motivated acts of boycott, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel;

    (3) supports efforts by State legislatures to enact measures that oppose politically motivated acts of boycott, divestment from, and sanctions against Israel.

  3. Lots of backlash from British public, re making it illegal to boycott Israel.

    DAVID ICKE's site has picked up on the story:

    ‘Britain’s Conservative government is to announce next week a law that would ban local councils, student unions and other public bodies form boycotting goods for political reasons. The rules are widely seen as meant to protect goods produced by Israeli companies in the occupied West Bank."


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