Monday, March 14, 2016

If the world wants peace, the illegal, murderous psycho-breeding Israeli settlements in the West Bank will have to be dismantled

Israel's real ally and 'special relationship' friend in the ME, ISIS
3.14.16 photo ISIS_zpsinr7socz.jpg

And that's only for starters. Israel and the fake Khazar Jews that have invaded Palestine and are using the West to invade, bomb and destroy its neighbors will have to be brought to trial for all their crimes against humanity and pay reparations for all the misery they've caused--and still do--and to repay what they've stolen over the last 6+ decades.

The 'two-state' solution proposed for Israel is a joke, a lie and another BS propaganda story from the Jew MSM, Israel and our sold-out, corrupted Congress and a never-ending line of back-stabbing US presidents who are slaves to Eretz Israel.

Another 20 years of the USA being the so-called 'honest' broker between the growing Israeli Apartheid nightmare and the rapidly decreasing state of the indigenous Palestinians and there won't be any thing left to negotiate, since Israel, with help from her GOYIM lackey's in America, England, France and Germany will have stolen all of Palestine.

Here's more of the psychotic Jew impostors at work in Occupied Palestine, terrorizing Palestinian children.

P.S. The West is way overdue for another Israeli masterminded False Flag, like this one, so what's going on? Why has Israel pulled back from using one of its favorite political ploys?
Has something or someone scared them?

And will we see a JFK type of murder against one of our presidential candidates?


  1. The Zionists don't teach their children that the Crusaders killed the Jews and the Muslims (Salidin) saved them and allowed them to come back. How do the Jews imagine that Palestine belongs to them?


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