Monday, April 4, 2016

Growing Up in an Israeli Concentration Camp..Coming Soon to the USA

If this story was about some Chosenite, it would get world-wide press. The NYT would feature it on the front page with a long article about the suffering by Isabel Kersher. Hollywood would make some made for TV movies, guaranteed to be tear jerkers.

And that Master of Lies, Spielberg, would create another work of fiction that would get at least four Academy Awards.

Living in the Daily Hell of Occupied Hebron, West Bank

At the five minute mark is where it gets interesting when the Palestinian, Shadi doing the filming shows a Jew Khazar trying to climb onto his roof for some nefarious reason. The Palestinian home owner has to surround his roof with barb wire to keep the Jews Khazars from climbing onto his roof and committing sabotage of his property.

Then at the 7:55 mark, some Jews Khazars screech about killing Arabs.

The daily Hell of living in Occupied Hebron.


  1. Johnny al-Knoxville...wt? LOL! Thanks for that.

    Have you ever seen the video of the Palestinians in Hebron who have to travel by rooftops because they will otherwise be attacked by the settlers if they are on the streets? The video follows this woman as she climbs around from one rooftop to the next in her dress and everything...she's not young either. I watch that and I want to go kill settlers in Hebron, swear to God.

  2. If I had been raised in Gaza or the West Bank, I'd already be dead, fighting for my people's freedom.


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