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Adolph Hitler, the Founding Father of Israel

A book so deadly to Jew Inc's holohoax fables that even the book's author's parents threatened him with being disowned if he wrote that book. Now get ready for this, the author's parents were holohaox survivors...Wow, who would've thunk that?

Keep in mind while reading that not only did Nazis make this happen, the German government supplied the faux Jews with a tremendous amount of material and equipment for farming and industrial uses, just like the Germans continue to do to this day, all under the guise of reparations for the biggest con job of the 20th Century, the holohoax.

Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in January 1933 and on the 7th August 1933 he entered into a Pact with representatives of the World Jewish Agency, the future Leaders of Israel. The Pact was called the ‘Haavara’ Agreement. ‘Haavara in Hebrew means much like, ‘Moving house’.

Hitler considered the Haavara Agreement to be a top priority for his administration and by November of 1933 it was in full swing and it kept functioning until at least 1942.

The German Interior Ministry was made responsible for the logistics of the scheme and the Reichsbank and the German Treasury were responsible for financing the mass emmigration.

According to the Jewish Author Tom Segev, the Haavara Agreement saved the World Jewish Agency from bankruptcy.

While Jewish students were being evicted from German schools the Jewish Agency set up schools in Germany for Jewish students. Jewish Teachers were bought to Germany from Palestine and everything was paid for by the Nazis. Not only were these Schools and teachers paid for by the Nazis but there was absolutely no interference from the Nazis as to the teaching curriculum.

As well as Jewish Schools the Nazis set up Adult training programmes to prepare the Jewish youth for life in Palestine . The first Kibbutz farm was set up in Germany.


The Jewish Youth Organisation in Germany was called the ‘BETAR’, (aka. Bethar) they wore brown uniforms and the Nazis allowed them to hold Meetings, Seminars, Summer Camps, Sportsmeetings, Go Sailing , Go Tramping in the countryside and hand out Patriotic leaflets about Zionism. The Betar was the Jewish/ Zionist Version of the HJ (Hitler Jugend).

One day a small group of SS men attacked a Betar Summer Camp and the Camp Leader complained to the local Gestapo. A few days later the Gestapo called the Betar Camp Leader to inform him that the offending SS Men had been punished and would he (the Betar Camp Leader) please inform the Gestapo what would be an acceptable payment for damages.

Sounds incredible doesn’t it, that the Gestapo punished the SS for damaging Jewish property, and then paying for the damage.


Dr Werner Feilchenfeld who was General Manager for the Haavara Trust from 1936 until 1942 gives the pure monetary costs at 139,6 Million Reichsmark and this did not include the mass of material and equipment also sent to Palestine , this material included Coal, Iron and Metal products and machines for Desalinating Sea water. From 1933 – 1941 around 100 Jewish settlements were built in West Galilea.

Since the end of the war many Jews have called the Haavara Agreement a Pact with the Devil, but Nahum Goldman described the Agreement as being quote; ‘an indispensable factor in the creation of the state of Palestine.’

The Arabs however were so concerned, by the close co-operation between the Nazis and the Zionists that they became convinced that Hitler must be a Jew who was just trying to establish a Jewish State throughout the Middle East.


In 1933 and 1934 The SS Untersturmführer Leopold Itz von Mildenstein from the SS Office for Jewish Affairs, travelled to Palestine on fact finding missions and he was accompanied on these tours by a number of Zionist officials. Although his first tour was planned for five months, v Mildenstein stayed over 6 months. He became a welcome guest at many Kibbutz Farms.

His PRO-Zionist report, later printed in the Reichspropaganda Ministry Official magazine ‘ANGRIFF’ with the title ‘A Nazi travels to Palestine’ (Ein Nazi fährt nach Palästina ‘) was so filled with praise and compliments about the work being done by the German Jewish settlers in Palestine that Goebbels had a special coin minted in honour of the Co-operation. The coin had a Star of David on one side and a Swastika on the other side. In recognition of this coin, Palestines largest fruit growing firm decorated its Placard Advertising signs for Jaffa Oranges, with a huge portrait of King David flanked by Swastika flags.

Here's the coin:
5.11.16 photo gbcoin_zpsgjedef7f.gif

If someone start screeching that is a lie, let them go to this US holocaust museum link to see the coin!


  1. 5 dancing shlomosMay 11, 2016 at 7:35 AM

    are you sure these "schools" werent ovens
    that 1st kibbutz in ger
    sure that wasnt a factory for making those special jew gift items

  2. Yes, six billion million trillion Das Juden were roasted to perfection in German pizza ovens!


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