Monday, June 6, 2016

False Flag Euro 2016: What Western-Backed Terror Group, ISIS/Daesh/Al Nusra or al CIA Duh Will be Used in France?

Other than letting criminal banksters loot countries down to their last farthing while traitors like the Lyin' King, Obama and Kuntzilla do nothing, except get rich, this is what it's all about; clearing out the ME so the Khazar gangsters can steal more land.3.14.16 photo ISIS_zpsinr7socz.jpg

The lights are blinking red, so will the JWO gangsters stage another False Flag attack in France during the UEFA Euro 2016 football playoffs to keep us GOYIM quivering with fear, so afraid of life that we can't think or function?

French president Hollande would love for an incident or incidents to take place, to take the public's mind off his political blundering, trying to unilaterally change work rules and refusing to talk the workers it will affect. The French have peered into the future and don't like what they see; higher taxes, longer work hours and less job security, all so France can be ransacked by the real terrorists, the international banking crowd whose really in charge of the West.

An Israeli 'security' firm provides security at the Paris de Gaulle airport, so will we get another MOSSAD light show like 9/11?

Maybe someone like known MOSSAD asset Rita Katz can manage to find another hidden al CIA Duh press release, saying the attack was to help our French working class brethren, they typical psyops BS used to poison the public mind so they'll get angry at the strikers and demand the police put an end to the strikes by busting up some heads, while putting some in the hospital ER.

Will al CIA Duh do an Encore in Paris?

The Paris Police Chief has stated that his personnel are exhausted from dealing with the constant state of emergency imposed by Hollande; the refugees streaming into Europe and the two-week old labor protests.

4.15.16 photo Isss_zpst2qtubm2.png

Sounds like a prime place to set off another Zionist False Flag special, again framing Muslim patsies so the endless War of Terror can get momentum and give Israel political cover while it steals more of Syria and continues on with its genocide of the native Palestinians.

Or maybe al CIA Duh will hit Bordeaux, which has been running anti-terror drills in preparation for Euro 2016.

The kleptocrats looting the Ukraine 'stopped' a possible attack on the playoffs, by arresting some dupe who had large amounts of TNT and detonators. How in the hell does anyone get hold of TNT, let alone large amounts unless they're being handled by some western security agency or some merc outfit in the service of the banksters?

Or maybe the terrorists will use some type of chemical weapon bomb, which gets a lot of fear generated for pennies.


  1. meanwhile THE {{{JEWISH TERRORIST}}} is headed to Moscow....

    to meet with Putin.

    and just around the corner...

    A BODY OF LIES....


  2. Looking at your list of "Bosses" in hierarchical order, it is impossible not to notice that every one of them is a Jew:
    1. Al Baghdadi=Simon Elliot, Mossad Jew
    2. Saudi Royals have long been known, even by their own historians, to be crypto-Jews
    3.Obama is a Jew, by their own law because his mother is a Jew
    4. Nut and Yahoo too obviously a Jew
    5. Jacob Rothschild---what do you think?



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