Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Which Version of the Orlando Mass Casualty Incident are we on Now?

Look at the size of the PULSE night club in Orlando, Florida. Anyone truly believe ONE guy was able to control a building that big, cover all the doors and windows--with around 300 attendees--and make phone calls while he was shooting over 100 dead and wounded clubbers?

PULS_6.14 photo PULS_PIC_zps1smeby6t.png

Either there had to be at least three shooters or the ones behind this set off some knockout gas to disable the club attendees. I know that sounds crazy, but no crazier than the official story we're being fed with scoop-shovels.

There’s no way in hell one guy is going to hold off three hundred clubbers, do the killing, and control ALL the exits, including windows by himself… Oh and also talk to 911 dispatch.

Maybe the designated Muslim patsy also–like San Bernardino–updated his FACEBOOK or Snapchat or some other social network site while shooting up the club? You know how crazy Americans are for ‘selfies!’
James Comey, FBI chief, said his bureau was "highly confident" Mateen had been "radicalised" while consuming online propaganda and that he had claimed allegiance to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a series of calls during the attack.
A "series of calls?" Where did he find the time to shoot?

Yes, going online when your hands are filled with weapons, shooting up the place and pledging allegiance to ISIS or DAESH or al Nusra or whatever the brand name is this week, seems to be all the rage.

The Real Culprits?

Until the central banks, like the FED, are busted up, their owners hauled off to prison and their assets clawed back and given to those it was stolen from, there will be no peace, just an endless series of incidents like Orlando to keep people in a perpetual state of fear, too scared to think and ask questions, like this one: "Do you feel safer now than you did back in the Summer of 2001?" Or, "How much longer will these wars last, anyone know?"

P.S. Where’s the cell phone video or pics taken of this incident? And please, leave the date and time stamp on the videos this time!

Here's the 'paper of record,' the NYT bloviating about this horrible tragedy, giving readers a timeline. A timeline which has a THREE HOUR break, with no explanation from the 'Grey Lady.' Grey because she up and died decades ago and her corpse has turned grey from mummification.

Let's not forget our old friend, MOSSAD asset Rita Katz, wondering why the language is so similar in the ISIS--Israeli Secret Intelligence Services--threats. Rita, that's because all those threats are cleared thru a little suburb of Tel Aviv, called Herzliya.

Sic 'em girl!

Pulse Mass Casualty Event: Omar Had US Marines License Plate and I Found a Layout of Pulse (image)

NEVER FORGET, that the this savage nonsense more or less started back in 2001, when Israel masterminded the 9/11 attacks on the USA and we've been going downhill ever since.



Either the people that staged this incident, the 'Wars for Wall Street and Israel' crowd really buggered this thing up--all the snafus, like the gay thing--or they've gotten so arrogant they actually think we've been dumbed down enough to think that it really IS rain falling on our backs!

Poor dears! There's so much more to plan for and stage when you're not using some sand dunes in the Negev!


  1. Maybe the designated Muslim patsy also–like San Bernardino–updated his FACEBOOK or Snapchat or some other social network site while shooting up the club? You know how crazy Americans are for ‘selfies!’

    That's called kim kardashian effect. worthless people controlling hoards of equally worthless people called followers.

    Makes you wonder..who supplied him all that rounds of bullets to kill and wounded 100+ people... no way he could've carried in his gay purse?!

    I was reading somewhere that club patrons saw new bouncers/bodyguards that night- whom they have never seen before. Mossad agents comes to mind.

  2. Yes, M, it was another Israeli fireworks display, starring the MOSSAD.

    Like WC Fields said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Here in the USA, we have them born every second.

  3. It's already happening. The Gay friendly supporters on Facebook are posting things such as " I can't believe the level of violence in Florida". Or, "my heart goes out to the families of those killed in Orlando".

    If I were to repost or add a link to this site, Facebook would either filter it out or suspend my account. Even if they did not, people are so gullible and duped by the media, they would not listen or even consider that this may be fake terrorism.

    In conclusion: America is doomed and beyond hope. Like the Titanic, declaring she was Unsinkable, went down to Davey Jone's Locker.

  4. KC Star of David jumps in....


  5. I agree with Lee. But we have to resist the NJO on principle, even though it looks like we have already been had.

  6. I ain't going down without a fight, if not for me, then for our children and grandkids.


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