Monday, July 25, 2016

"Why Don't The Terrorists Ever Attack Israel or Zionists or a Synagogue?"

Lots of insanity in such a short time, as if the ones really behind all this terror were leading up to the 'Big One,' another repeat of a 9/11 style attack, done by the same perps that masterminded the 9/11 False Flag.

There's tens of thousands of jihadists just miles from Israel, but do they go over the border and attack Israelis? No, they ritually slaughter Muslims instead of their sworn enemy.

Nutty_ISIS photo IS_Netty_11.15_zpsyf7fgoyb.png

If these fuckers were true jihadists, they'd be attacking those who have been causing all the death and misery in Muslim nations over the decades, like Wall Street banks and Zionist think tanks, which are endlessly waging a battle to keep the USA bogged down forever in the ME, blowing up those Israel doesn't like, which is pretty much all non-Jews.

One also must recognize that there's more than a casual relationship between the growing BDS movement and the timing of these attacks. BDS was gaining ground in Europe and some states, like France, were recognizing Palestine, then Presto, France gets hit with numerous 'jihadist' attacks, with the Israeli Mossad there to 'document the event,' just like those dancing Israelis were doing when the WTC was attacked.

Or the jihadists could attack synagogues, but that would interrupt the racist, bigoted, hateful Rabbis lectures on the Final Solution for the nearly six million Palestinians.

UPDATE: More madness in France, which just a few weeks ago, was dealing with French workers raising some serious Hell about the draconian change to the labor laws and French taxpayers asking the Zionist pig Hollande why they should pay 11,000 dollars a month for his highness's haircuts.

Presto Chango, a few terror attacks later and the French no longer fill the streets to protest against the labor law change, which the pig Hollande rammed thru w/o parliament's vote and no one is making fun of the pig Hollande's hair cuts.

Wow, what a coincidence for the Zionist lackey Hollande!


  1. Hi Greg:

    Why don't the terrorists ever attack Israel?
    Because their Israel's terrorists!

    Just a quote from my latest:

    "There are around 14 brigades in the area, from the Free Syrian Army (Kurds in FSA) to Jabhat al-Nusra and Islamic State (Kurds in ISIS) affiliate Shuhada al-Yarmouk. “None of these groups have a problem with Israel, and Israel doesn’t have a problem with them either”

    I know you were being rhetorical and Israel's involvement with their Islamist thugs is obvious but.... I'm in a spittin' mood!!!!

  2. Well, a long time ago I recall reading in some online rag based in N. Africa one of the Isis leaders (probably Sholomo Selznick of Brooklyn) saying that they will never attack Israel. And they won't, at least not without fair warning. Which is exactly what happened lately, as they've told Israel that they're going to attack its southern border.

    What a load of shit.

  3. this doesn't go unnoticed by Muslims!

  4. Most of the Muslim world understand that they're being targeted and set up by International Jewry, but have no one to turn to for help.


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