Monday, August 15, 2016

Congressional TRAITORS in Service to Israel

Contributions shown for the last six years of available data, Apr 1, 2009 - Mar 31, 2015, including contributions to presidential campaigns.

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The top Senate traitor is Mark Kirk Republican (Elected 2010), IL. Most think that IL designates the state he should be representing, Illinois, but in this case, it means his true love Israel. Kirk is on the influential Senate Committee on Appropriations, which means he can really shovel our money to that parasite state of Hate, Israel. And also on the Senate committee that is supposed to watch out for our pensions, which means he's making sure Yid thieves have unfettered access to our retirement savings which wind up in Israel, then when the money disappears, you'll hear "Gosh, no one saw that coming!"

Kirk must have slobbered on so much Kosher Kock that his jaw muscles have bulges from all the workouts.

See all the bills
these traitors have supported and passed that favor Israel and wonder at all the time they spend going after Iran while our nation's infrastructure falls apart.
Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 H.R. 1191 (114th)

Hizballah International Financing Prevention Act of 2015 H.R. 2297 (114th)

Combating BDS Act of 2016 H.R. 4514 (114th)

United States-Israel Trade and Commercial Enhancement Act H.R. 825 (114th)

Disapproving of the Agreement Transmitted to Congress by the President on July 19, 2015, Relating to the Nuclear Program of Iran. H.J.Res. 64 (114th)

Expressing Concern over Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Incitement Within the Palestinian Authority. H.Res. 293 (114th)

Urging the European Union to Designate Hizballah in Its Entirety As a Terrorist Organization and Increase Pressure on It and Its Members. H.Res. 750 (114th)

Hizballah International Financing Prevention Act of 2015 S. 1617 (114th)

Iran Policy Oversight Act of 2015 S. 2119 (114th)

Nuclear Weapon Free Iran Act of 2015 S. 269 (114th)

A Resolution Expressing the Sense of the Senate in Support of Israel and in Condemnation of Palestinian Terror Attacks. S.Res. 302 (114th)

Jerusalem Embassy and Recognition Act of 2013 H.R. 104 (113th)

Palestinian Accountability Act H.R. 1337 (113th) [How about an Israeli accountability act?]
And on and on and on. Notice any bills that deal with the homeless in America or the falling apart infrastructure or the corrupt Wall Street banks or the illegal ME wars being waged for the glory of Israel?

The next vice-president, Timmy Kaine is near the top, which means Israel will have TWO solid friends in the stolen WH come 2017 while Americans look in from the cold. All of these 'campaign donations are legal, which begs the question; How much money has been deposited in these traitors offshore accounts?

These traitors must be rooted out, using any means necessary, and since we are at war, well, we all know what the punishment for traitors during war is, don't we?

Speaking of traitors, here's America's and the world's--except for Israel--#1 enemy.

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