Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Do the Jews Really Control the USA?

A fair question to ask and one that should be asked, since our economy has been gutted by those 'Too Big to Fail' Wall Street banks, mostly owned by Jews. And America's foreign policy is in shambles, since it is designed to help Israel and to Hell with the consequences for the USA.

So do the Jews really control the USA? To control a nation, you would have to control their economy and money supply. So let's look at the FED, which is a private corporation run by shady individuals that are never mentioned in the press. And you'd also have to control the FED's government liaison agency, the US Treasury Department.

The current Fed head is Jewess Janet Yellen, her deputy is Stanley Fisher, a dual-citizen Jew who was recently the head of the Bank of Israel. Before Yellen it was Ben Bernanke, another Jew and before him, it was Alan Greenspan, also a Jew.

Go to the US Treasury and you'll find Jacob Lew, a Jew heading that department and his deputy is the Jewess Sarah Bloom Raskin. The section that is in charge of enacting all those punitive sanctions against Iran, Syria and Russia is headed by Adam Szubin, also a Jew.

Before Lew it was Tim Geithner and before him, another Jew, Stuart Levey. Other Treasury Secretary's have been the Jew Larry Summers and Hillary and Bill's good friend, the Jew Robert Rubin, who helped push thru the toxic Financial Services Modernization act, which repealed the 1933 Glass-Steagall Act and helped make major changes to the Commodity Futures law, both of which turned Wall Street into a whorehouse casino, operating around-the-clock, gambling with American's pension funds and 401K retirement accounts, leading to the disastrous 2008 economic depression.

Here's a bonus point! The General in charge of the US Air Force, the ones that have been bombing the Hell out of Syrian civilians while leaving their ISIS buds untouched is David L. Goldfein. And yes, he's a Jew. As for another general on the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph L. Lengyel, not sure, since there isn't much about Herr General online, but Lengyel is a Yid surname.

Hmm, the question seems to be already answered, but for a foreign power to be sure of the choke hold they have on a country, they'd have to control the media, like the 'paper of record,' the New York Times, owned by the Sulzberger family since 1896. A family that is avidly pro-Israel and Zionists to the core.

If we look at the cable news channels, like CNN and its parent company, TimeWarner, we find that a Steve ROSS founded TW. Ross's real name is Steven Jay Rechnitz, a Jew. TimeWarner is currently run by Jeff Bewkes, another Jew. (Question: Listen to Jew propaganda, and they think they're the best thing to happen to humanity, so why do so many change their names to Gentile sounding last names?)

At FOX, we find that the decidedly pro-Israeli and pro-Jewish Rupert Murdoch is the head. Some say he is descended from the 'Tribe' others, maybe not, but what's not in question is the way FOX constantly slants the news to favor Israel and demean Palestinians and Arabs in general.

Another great propaganda outlet is Hollywood, and there is no doubt that is controlled by Das Juden, they even brag about their control of that lucrative industry.

Let's look at the US State Department. The current Secretary, Kerry, is a Jew with the real last name of Kohn. Kerry professed surprise at this 'revelation,' but knew long before he took the job he was a Jew. Just like former Secretary 'Bloody Madeline' Albright, a Jewess who suddenly discovered her roots after taking office.

As for the traitor Clinton, considering her thieving, lies, back-stabbings, deceits and more lies, she's more Jew than most Jews.

And the #2 man at the world-wide terror op AKA CIA? David Cohen, another Jew.

Anyone beginning to see a pattern here? But try and bring these facts up and you'll hear screams of anti-Semitism and Jew-hater. Or the new state religion, the Holocaust™ will be invoked, causing many Americans to start crying and babbling about 'those poor Jews!'

So the Jew does control the USA, but most Americans are blissfully unaware that they are living under occupation by a foreign power that has a notorious track record for first, taking over a nation from within, then smashing that nation to bits when they no longer serve the Jew's purpose.

Like Israel and her Jew sayanim did on 9/11, when they masterminded that savage and brutal attack against their chief benefactor and enabler, the USA, setting off the Mother of all False Flags.

So forget all this nonsense about Muslims taking over the USA, the Jews beat them to it.


  1. Once again, Greg, a great and important article. Thank you!

    Rupert Murdoch is certainly a Jew because his mother, is a pure Jew. The Lubavitcher Rabbis visited her regularly until her death at age 103 in Australia.

    Hillary is also a Jew, and not only on her father's (Rodamski) side either. Check out her genealogy if you can--some of it is suspiciously scrubbed.

    Hillary is so ill, she has to travel to her appearances in a specially modified ambulance with a drug dispensing handler:

    BTW, the drug 'Provigil' is a stimulant.

    This is probably why they have foisted this fake story vote hacking on us, so that DHS can take over the voting process.

    Drumpf has many Jewish ancestors and at least two of his wives are Jewish (whores also)and the second wife was a Kabbalist, so that speaks for itself.

    See this paper on Trump's genealogy:

    The Trump fortune originated in pimping and drugs, just like today. The other businesses are a front. Trump Casino, bankrupt. How can you have a bankrupt casino when the house always wins? Reminds me of W failing in the oil business in Texas.

    Trump International Escorts changed it's name now, but that means about as much as Blackwater changing it's name.

    Don't forget: Trump is good buddies and neighbors in FL with Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted child sex slave trafficker and pimp, who is not in jail but still plying his trade on his Caribbean Island, thanks to his Jew customer and lawyer, Alan Dershowitz (another Jew pedo)who runs Harvard Law.

    And, of course the puppet Obama, whom some idiot hillbillies imagine is a Muslim, though he has bombed 8 Muslim countries, is a Jew by their own law because his mother was a Jew. Furthermore, every year he has been in office he has had a publicized Passover Seder, even when it has fallen on the same day as Easter, which he has never celebrated--Not to mention the lighting of the hundred foot menorah on his lawn, but no manger scene allowed.

    Finally here are more names to add to the Jew control list:

    Fact Sheet: Jews Control America:

    How Jews Control America:

    Secrets of Jewish Money Control:


  2. The "Refugee" Invasion of the Baltic States and the Islamic Conquest of Europe


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