Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"Hey MSM, Where's the Tears for These Children, Killed by Terrorists?"

Guess I must of missed those tears the MSM shed for the murdered children--below--during one of Israel's 'Operation Blood Libel' against Gaza, the bi-annual Jew murderous invasion of defenseless Gaza, to satisfy their blood lust against the Amaleks.

All I heard was something that sounded like a parrot..."Squawk, Israel has the right to defend itself, Squawk, Israel has the right to defend itself, Squawk, Israel has the right to defend itself" nonstop in the Jew MSM.

So where's the crocodile tears for these child murder victims? Or don't Palestinians or Muslims qualify as humans?

8.24.16 photo gaza_zpsb16c1aaq.png

.16 photo ist_zpsworvhhpf.jpg

1.8.16 photo FBposting_zps6zcwcwbo.png

The list of Israeli war crimes against Gaza and the rest of Palestine takes numerous pages to list, so click here for the extended version.

So MSM, you can start crying now.

We're still waiting............


  1. jew stream media shed tears only for the worthy

  2. Is is VERBOTEN to even think of GOYIM dead, heathen. Get thee to the nearest Holocaust™ Church and beg for forgivene$$!

  3. Looks like the term "disproportionate response" applies to the media as well.

  4. I wonder if these Jews are even going to conduct major operations anymore with everyone looking. Seems more efficient to keep popping them off one by one so they stay under the radar. Then again, how will they put on their dazzling weapons demonstration shows?

  5. case in point:

    I don't think a single day goes by with such murders. One by one by one...even if it's 100 in a single day but is still one at a time, nothing happening here, folks.

  6. Americans were just advised to get out of Gaza, so wait until after the psycho Hillary steals the WH.


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