Friday, August 26, 2016

"Is That Shmuley Boteach Sodom*zing Senator Cory Booker?"

This is a rhetorical question, but watch the video--on an empty stomach--and see how filled with fun and ??? Booker is after letting Smelly ride him like a horse.

Guess someone could make a smart-ass comment about a black man letting a white Jew ride him like a mule, but not me. Smelly likes to fashion himself as 'America's Rabbi,' but I'll pass, if that is possible or will the ADL goons kick down my door for a thought crime?

Booker is now the Senator from Jew Jersey, and is the number 3 GOY on the list of US Senators who have been bought off by Israeli interests, even if Smelly is PO at his schwartze for voting for the Iran nuke deal. Guess Cory is just another Shabbos Goy BOY.

Cory and his Yid buddies are all excited celebrating the Jew feast of Purim, where the Jewess Esther tricked some King into slaughtering 75,000 Persians--now Iran--way back when. Those Jews and their holy days! Christians celebrate happy events like the birth of their Savior or his rise into Heaven , while the Jew holidays seem always to be about celebrating the slaughter of this race or that people who dared offend the wandering tribe of con artists.

Smelly is also the uncle of con man and war profiteer Efraim Diveroli, who ran a nice, money-making activity selling outdated arms and ammo to the Department of Defense during the illegal Iraq War. Efraim was finally busted not because he was selling 42 yo, outdated ammo to the DoD, but because it was Chinese made ammo, thereby violating a trade embargo.

Naturally, Efraim had LOTS of help from the Jew MSM in getting the Iraq War out of the planning stage and into reality so he could make his millions on death and misery.

Effie and his bud, David Packouz, made out like bandits because, well, in a sense of the word, they were bandits, albeit ones that used a laptop instead of a .38. David's daddy, Rabbi Kalman Packouz, is an author, writer of the book, "How to Prevent an Intermarriage" that gives advice to those Jews seeking to marry outside of their faith. In a word, DON'T!

Of course, if some Christian preacher wrote a book about marrying only Christians, all Hell would break loose, but not for a Rabbi, Americans have been taught to respect and honor our Jew Overlords.

All those crooked Pentagon contracts, did Effie have inside help in his con? Almost as lucrative as loaning money at usurious rates.

With reports coming out of the Pentagon of another missing. 6.8 TRILLION dollars, on top of the 2.3 TRILLION we found out about on September 10, 2001, one has to wonder how many more of Efraim's buds are still working the money sluice gates at the Pentagon?

On 9/11, the big question of the day would of been "What the hell happened to all those trillions," but that question got buried in the rubble of the Israeli masterminded 9/11 False Flag.

What is it about Jews that always has them at the center of cons, fraud ops, money-making deceptions and the like? Is it part of their DNA or maybe they're so allergic to actual physical labor, they're forced to con us GOY out of our money?


  1. After my husband spoke to one of his sisters in Nablus today on the phone he told me that one of her sons opened a machine shop in Bethlehem and IDF guys went in and just started smashing stuff, wreaking the place, taking some things and leaving others. Then they left. I have heard this so many times, it is routine. They can do this, they can rob people, rob banks with impunity. So they do.
    Can you imagine life like this? This one sister in particular has mental issues. She has stayed with us a few times and I didn't notice anything but they say she does. I don't wonder!
    I am still pissed. As usual, I actually can't find a word to describe how I feel whenever I hear of such things. No one knows how bad I hate these stinking occupying Jews.

  2. That's what happens when sadistic thugs are allowed to commit crimes w/o fear of justice.


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