Sunday, August 21, 2016

Where are Edgar "I speak for the Six Million Dead Jews" Bronfman, and all the Holocaust hucksters now?

This is rich. The Jew can't control it's natural instincts to steal, bamboozle, defraud, rob and pilfer from the GOYIM, but when the GOYIM are tapped out, the parasite starts to devour other parasites.

Jews can't help themselves, when GOY aren't around to be fleeced, the Jew steals from other Jews.

In an increasingly bitter legal dispute, the Company for Restitution of Holocaust Victims’ Assets will file a NIS 305 million lawsuit against Bank Leumi next week over assets that belong to Holocaust victims and their heirs, a group spokeswoman said Wednesday.

The legal action against Israel’s second largest bank follows years of fruitless negotiations to reclaim the funds that the restitution group said were deposited by Holocaust victims in thousands of bank accounts before World War II.

The NIS 305m. being claimed in the lawsuit, which will be filed in a Tel Aviv court, was deposited by Holocaust victims in more than 3,500 Bank Leumi accounts, group spokeswoman Meital Noy said.

As a gesture, Bank Leumi transferred NIS 20 million to the organization two years ago, even though the bank has asserted that it does not hold any funds or property belonging to Holocaust victims.
It's not the globalists. It's not the 'Illuminati'. It's not the Jesuits. It's not the Vatican. It's not the Masons. It's not the 'lizard people.'
It's not the Zionists, although they are loyal foot soldiers to all the murder, thieving and mayhem going on.

It's the Jews baby, It's the Jews and the sooner we admit this and get past our holocausted brains, the sooner we can end this living nightmare.

More Jew sob stories.

And all those 'trillions' that are 'missing' from the Pentagon? They've been 'aliyahed' to that thieves paradise, Israel. Some of it in the form of cold, hard cash, the rest in the form of what was called 'used' military equipment, like almost new US fighter jets, that were then given to Israel as surplus.

Israel secretly sells American nuclear weapons to China

The quarrel is over Israel's alleged concealing from Washington of an upgrade of a major [nuclear] weapons system it sold to China more than a decade ago. The United States claims that by upgrading the system, Israel violated its commitment not to transfer US technology to China without Washington's permission. Israel, however, insists that the upgrade was really just routine maintenance of a system that had originally been sold to China with US approval.

According to reports in the media, US Under Secretary of Defense Doug Feith believes that Israeli Defense Ministry director general Amos Yaron misled him on the arms sale to China. On Wednesday, Israeli media reported that Feith had demanded Yaron's resignation (the Pentagon has subsequently denied this).

For years, the US government has expressed concerns over Israel illegally transferring technology to China. During the Gulf War, the US gave Israel Patriot missiles as protection against Iraqi Scud missiles. In 1992, a US intelligence report revealed that soon after the end of the Gulf War, Israel had sold Patriot anti-missile data to China.
If the name of 'Douglas Feith' sounds familiar, it should. Feith is a dual-citizen Jew who helped set up the Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, which created false data/intelligence on Iraq. They gave that to the Pentagon and released it to the MSM in the runup to the illegal Iraq War.

That the office was filled with Jews
seems to bother not many. But not to worry, it was investigated after Iraq was a smoking ruin by US Senator Carl LEVIN.

Yes, bet that investigation went far.


  1. My research has never indicated that the jews 'left deposited monen' in any bank, anywhere. They were experts at sneaking out their assets and through their networks always knew when the hammer would fall where ever they were.

    The mentioned bank knows this and that is why the leeching tactics have been going on for years. They need to take their blood money and be thankful, but not their style.

  2. One holohoax story had the Jews getting paid money by simply claiming the Nazis had stolen this or that, no proof needed, just an outstretched hand.

  3. World famous boxer, Mike Tyson, was accused of rape and sent to prison. Before that, he was sued by several of the alleged victims and settled out of court. One of the so-called victims, urged her partying girl friends to make Easy Money by just saying they were at the same party the Rapes took place.

    Easy Money from Easy Targets. No proof needed, just an outstretched hand.

  4. From Russia with love.......


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