Monday, October 10, 2016

Take This Test to See if You are anti-Semitic!

1. Do you no longer trust the MSM, since you realize they are nothing more than a propaganda outfit, filling your head with lies, distortions and fear?

2. Do you wonder why a certain 'Tribe' has control of the financial affairs of the USA, through their monopolization of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury?

3. Do you wonder why we are fighting endless ME wars against nations that Israel has declared to be 'existential' enemies?

4. Do you know realize that the official 9/11 story is filled with lies, designed to keep you from finding out the real truth about who attacked the USA on that day?

5. Are you hesitant to leave comments on news blogs, since you know you'll be banned if the comment contains the least little criticism of Apartheid Israel?

6. Do you wonder why the US Congress always showers Israel with lavish sums of money, while professing to not have any to fix America's broken infrastructure?

7. Do you wonder why in many European countries, you can be arrested, and tossed in prison, for asking historical questions about WW II?

8. Do you wonder why so many Israeli and American Jews head key US departments, like State, Treasury, Commerce, Energy and Trade?

9. Do you think that the US government's plan to force abortions and sterilizations upon Americans is too creepy?

10. Do you wonder why Hollywood nearly always portraying GOYIM characters, like Arabs and Italians, as foul, murderous goons while always showing Jews in a kindly light or the victims of some heinous conspiracy? (Note: I tried to use the '' web link, but its been hijacked by someone?)

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, you need to crawl to the nearest ADL Fusion Center and beg forgiveness from your Yid Overlord...or else!


  1. I scored 100% on all 10 questions!
    Just call me Auntie Semitic.

  2. Call me Uncle AntiSemite Tommy.

  3. Of course I'm anti-Semitic:

  4. I actually have a fondness for the REAL Semites, like the Bedouin or the indigenous Palestinians or the ethnic Lebanese and Syrians.

    But I have no empathy or feelings for the Turk Mongo penis worshiping Khazars, who are murdering and stealing their way to Eretz Israel.

  5. oh lord......Houston, there is a problem! I was born in a Muslim family, that makes me ultimate enemy #1 w/o answering any of those questions. :)

  6. Those European Jews have nothing in common with ppl of the true semitic race, especially when it comes to beauty! And warmth. And passion. You know, human stuff.

  7. 10 out of 10 ain't bad........

  8. It looks to me I'm 100% anti-semetic. Jesus would be too!


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