Sunday, October 23, 2016

"The Saker," Just Another Zionist Stooge Blog

I enjoyed, or at least did enjoy, reading "The Saker" outlook on current affairs, especially about Russia. But in a recent article, "The USA are about to face the worst crisis of their history and how Putin’s example might inspire Trump," the following naive or propagandist comment turned me away from ever reading that blog again
The Neocons have total, repeat total, control of the Congress, the media, banking and finance, and the courts.
There is a faction that has total control of Congress, the same faction that invited Israeli PM to speak to the Congress, where they wildly cheered their Master. Congress also rushes free money and weapons to Israel on a regular basis, while telling us Americans there's no money to repair our falling-apart infrastructure.

This same faction has complete control of the FED, even the deputy, Stanley Fisher, was a former Bank of Israel president.

Ditto for the US Treasury, which can't find any WASP Americans to head that outfit. Same goes for those TBTF Wall Street casinos, which are in worse shape now than in 2007.

As for the media, including Hollywood, well that should be obvious.

I should also add that, when one looks at the 9/11 attacks, and sees that at every junction, at every intersection, there was either an American or Israeli Jew helping with the logistics, or setting it off and is now involved in keeping it covered up and pointing towards the innocent, then one realizes that 9/11 was an Israeli masterminded False Flag.

Let's not play with words here, that faction that has total, repeat, total control is American and Israeli Jews, plain and simple. Even Wikipedia will confirm that, just search the pages of the FED or US Treasury and see how many Yid names pop up in those two institutions.

NeoCONs like McCain, Lindsey Graham, Ash Carter do make some noise, but that noise is surrounded by their undying lover for all things Israel.

Anyone pointing out that the Jews control America without being circumspect will get the boot for telling too much truth, but the SAKER is being disingenuous.

Are there no truthful MSM people left?


  1. I confess to being really thick at times, Greg, as you well know. After a second read, I am still unsure of why you have turned against Sakr. A private message at my blog (simply not published) to clarify a little more please? I seem to be missing your point .... Maybe I just need it spelled out? Cheers...

  2. I think TheSaker has written a balanced and well-thought-out analysis. I see NO evidence that he is a 5th columnist.


  3. Greg,
    I'm far from sticking up for Saker blog, I quit reading there a good while back for my own reasons,

    But, The neocons are jews.. or cryptos or puppets of
    They are distributed across both sides of the asile [ Rep - Dem ]
    1960's Chicago

    “The machiavelian threefold game of the neocon-servatives”

    by Laurent Guyénot [ A French Investigative Journalist I have great respect for]

  4. I feel sorry for those who can't see through the face and not search through filth.

    Greg is absolutely on point and correct.


    Clinton: Well it's all a given now. Meaning the herd is being herded toward Trump in a deceptive way pushing the buttons of emotions. All one need do is look at their background/actions. It is as simple as that. They can not change their stripes. The Jews/Israel/NeoCons are succeeding in preying on stupidity with their Media. And Greg hits it with this Saker site. They speak about Clinton/Trump as if they have power(s) of their own...WHICH THEY DON'T. That should be extremely clear by now with the Truthers exposing them. Look at who HIDES behind the curtain with every puppet! Look who extorts and openly and brazenly boasts of their plans! It is not hard to see...But for the spoon fed they win.

    Way to go Greg...Call them out and expose them for what they are! Well done.

  5. For the 'SAKER' to spout this nonsense, "The Neocons have total, repeat total, control of the Congress, the media, banking and finance, and the courts," is enough for me to write that blog off.

    To think that 'neocons' have control of banking and finance alone is enough to make a thinking person think what the hell is going on.

  6. Neoconservatism

  7. Their are some Jew neocons, but by and large, it's the old WASP crowd; the Bush and Clinton mobs; Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, McCain, Graham, Obama, etc

    To claim that bunch controls the USA's finances is ludicrous.

    That 'faction' has had a choke-hold on the FED for decades, especially the last 30+ years and that is also the period when the biggest cons, grifts, swindles and frauds have been set loose on Americans, costing us trillions and trillions in lost,STOLEN pension funds, 401K retirement accounts and trillions and trillions more in lost homes and value.
    Then we get insulted by having the FED give over 17 trillion in interest free money to the same SOB's who did the stealing. And since there's never been an actual FED audit, how do we know that the bail-out money was ever repaid?

  8. Bravo, Greg, bravo!!

    Just look at their(newocons) outpouring support for Killery, they are hell bound to select her as the reincarnation of queen eshtar.

    We all know about killery's close ties with goldman sachs, lloyd blankenfein and others financial market criminals. that lil midget fiend blankenfein can't wait anymore. He is ready to take your eye balls out as part of the hidden bail-out deal.

  9. Please Please watch this!!
    President of Israel 2016 - Zionist A or Zionist B?

    The two leading options given to the American people by the controlled media, who have guided the election process since day one are both candidates beholden to Israel.. Both Trump and Clinton appear more alike than different. One area they are both completely unwavering on is their undivided attention and support for Israel, the tiny little punk nation parasiting off the American taxpayer in the middle east, who has been responsible for genocide in Palestian regions, and coups in a number of neighborhing countries, not to metion responsible for most of the fake ISIS and other terror taking place in the modern day.

    Why the American people should give a penny to the Israelis (especially after their obvious involvement in the 9/11 False Flag) is beyond comprehension, yet our two "choices" are both completely pro-Israel, obvious Zionists, and are willing to put Israeli interests and funding before that of America (a country that needs re-investment and all the funds it can muster for it's own advancement).

    Don't like these two options? You can always vote for the Jewish guy.

    Why are the American people bending over and taking this? Why are so few channels pointing out that both our "choices" - the "Left and Right" candidates are actually both more interested in supporting a parasite nation in the middle East than they are solving the many problems and fiscal limitations we have here domestically?

    Amazingly, a lot of Alex Jones supporters are drinking the "Trump is an outsider" koolaid.. when the reality is Both Trump and Clinton are equally as poisonous to the future of America.
    There remains to be no 3rd party discussion at all, in fact no 3rd party candidate or alternative has been even mentioned this entire eleciton cycle- that's because obviously we are living under a one party system masquerading as a 2 party system, and that party is lock-step with Israel and is completely beholden to Israel, and is willing to suckle every single taxpayer penny they can out of the American taxpayer in order to support Israel.

  10. Dear Greg,
    Once again you are spot on.
    The "Saker" who is supposedly part Russian/part Dutch, has a heavy background with intelligence services and claims that he "got tired of it" and suddenly he's telling the truth. At first his blog had a pseudo Orthodox Christian patina, which he has now shed as they did not fall for it. The majority of North Americans are so utterly ignorant about Russia, or any foreign country that they will believe anything.

    Of all the Russians I know personally, both here and abroad, none consider him anything more than a sort of erstwhile Snowden. A complete fake,or even a spook.

    I abandoned him, after noticing his dis-info early on. He is a complete phony with an overly detailed backstory, which in, itself is an indication of his perfidy, much in the same way that crisis actors idiotically furnish ridiculous details in the hope of convincing idiots who do not want information, but entertainment while hearing those scripts.

    Just because he is not sensationalist, egomaniacal, or hysterical, as most of the so-called truth movement has become is no credit to him--he aims for a different audience.

    Even those who purport to "name the Jew" have chickened out and support Trump.

    Even Brother Nathanael, I am sad to say, although his personal misfortunes may have led to the complete takeover of his blog by a purported female convert, who is a bigoted, uneducated, retired police dispatcher who copies and pastes mainstream lies into absurdly lengthy comments that are filled with garbage. Because Brother Nathanael has given her a platform, she now has a fan-club of idiots and the blog has become worthless and unsupportable, ignoring the real issues of our time, though at least he still exposes Jews to a degree.

    If, by now, everyone does not see that the entirety of MSM, finance, politics and war is a Jew game, then they will not see any truth of any situation, whether it be fake elections or anything else.


  11. Greg, thanks again for pointing out the falsity of the Trump mania that has infected so many, and revealed them for what they are.

    I do not understand why anyone would think it makes any difference who anyone votes for or against.

    There is a numerically small and Jewish group who own everything and literally run the world. Can anyone even imagine that they would risk losing their grip on their slaves by presenting the possibility of real change through a viable or appropriate candidate?

    From 1776 on, was there any president who lived through his elected term who went against the wars and financial schemes of the Jews? You will not be able to name one.Recall those who assassinated; by whom, and the real reason why.

    As George Carlin once said, "It's a big club and you ain't in it!"

    From Bush to Obama, did anything change for the better after all that "hope and change"? No. We still have people in Guantanamo Bay (which he promised to close right off, remember?) who cannot stand trial because they need surgery to repair the effects of years of torture such that their entrails exit their bodies. Have Americans forgotten that the Nobel Laureate is bombing 9 countries for the Jews, if you count Syria?

    Trump appealed to the lowest common denominator and now suddenly his handlers have instructed him to speak words that the masses want to hear. How is this different from the acting he has done in movies and TV shows for the past 20 years or more?

    You have to have an IQ lower than room temperature to believe that a man who uses a gold toilet seat cares about poor people who now comprise the majority of Americans. There are 87 homeless encampments in Manhattan alone.

    But then, people voted for Dub-ya, when he had failed at the oil industry in Texas, so probably the same morons are for Trump who bankrupted his own casino. (How is that even possible when the house always wins and his buddy casino mafia Jew Adelson is bankrolling him?)

    The real estate is a front for his real business which pimping, like his grandfather did. The Jew mob who helped his father is doing the same for Trump. Example: Roy Cohn, a homosexual, who is said to have supplied children to the CIA for experiments, and who certainly was a defense attorney for many fellow mobsters.

    Jew, Inc. supported Epstein setting him up as a "hedge fund" manager to hide his sex slave trafficking business, by which the Jews could then blackmail his clients/ friends in high places. This is all public knowledge for years.

    Thank you Greg, for one the best blogs out there.


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  13. That quote from the movie Rush Hour: "Behind every major crime there is a rich white man waiting on his cut.” I say behind every major crime is a rich white man waiting on his cut FROM the Jew hidden behind him.

  14. Trump is 'Hope and Change,' v 2.o and the suckers are falling for it.

    One doesn't make and lose three fortunes and get to be a billionaire again in NYC w/o being in bed with the Tribe that owns that city.


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