Monday, January 30, 2017

Are Presidential Offspring Required to Marry a Jew?

That appears to be the case with the serial rapist Willie, Bush the Deranged and Herr Trump, but an exception will probably be made for Barry's kids, since Jewish Rabbis would scream Bloody Murder if some Tribe member married a schwartzer, Yid for black people--the actual Yid meaning is much nastier, but I'll leave it at that.

Chelsea Clinton married Marc Mezvinsky, who was or maybe still is involved in some rather peculiar financial deals. He founded Eaglevale Hellenic Opportunity, then proceeded to 'lose' 90% of investors money, even though he was getting inside info from Secretary Hillary.
(If you drop your car keys and can't find them, then they're lost. When millions or billions or even trillions of dollars 'disappear,' that's not missing or lost, that's fraud and theft on a cosmic scale.)

Then we have Bush the Deranged's daughter, Jenna Bush, marring Henry Hager, who's with the notorious KKR, specializing in leveraged buyouts. 'Leveraged Buyouts' is a misleading term for ransacking a company by selling off assets, going into debt getting loans and looting pension monies, then walking away when the company is close to collapse.

Did Trump get the idea of the Mexico border wall from Apartheid Israel?

Now we have Herr Trump's family, which is more Yiddish than most Jew families, with Ivanka marrying Jared Kushner, friend and lover of Apartheid Israel and it's terrorist IOF occupation forces, even giving money to the Khazar land thieves and terrorists.

Even those who experienced South Africa's apartheid regime say what is happening to Palestinians is much worse, but shhh! we can't talk about that, why that's anti-Semitic!

Naturally, Jared is descended from Holocau$t™ 'survivors,' which begs the question: Since there are so many Holocau$t™ survivors, just who in the Hell did the Nazis kill in those gassem chambers?

Jared also owns a NYC rag that is dedicated to Zionism and to wiping Palestinians off the face of the Earth and if you don't agree, well, you'll get fired.

Jared got the benefit of his family's money, who donated 2.5 million to the University of Israel--Harvard Campus--who then admitted Jared.

So yes, it appears that presidential offspring are required to marry a 'Chosen One,' and it's just too bad that most Americans are on the outside looking in when our Wall Street 401K retirement funds and pension money gets looted by a certain Tribe, after all, you're not anti-Semitic, are you?

Oy Vey!

Meet the Jews in the Trump administration


  1. This Jared Kushner clown sickens me.... Giving Drumpf his daily dose of "You must obey your Jewish gods" crap is enough for anyone to vomit!

    It also does not say much for Ivanka's choice in men... There must have been at least ONE decent Gentile that she could have married instead of this satanic freak?

  2. Isn't it time Trump set up a cabinet post for a liaison person responsible for outreach to the Goy community?


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