Monday, January 23, 2017

I Almost Got Sent to the ME to Fight and Die for 1972

This article, "CIA Documents Confirm Yom Kippur War Was An Act of Aggression By Israel" got me to thinking about the time I almost got sent to the ME to fight and die for the glory of Israel.

Late Spring of 1972, when I was still with the 82nd Airborne, one day we got a drill, which we'd had in the past, to see how long our brigade took to get its personnel to the nearby Pope Air Force Base. Once there, some times we'd jump, others, just get sent back to the base, since Army command was seeing how long it took to assemble and be ready to embark upon a mission.

But one drill was different. For starters, we were issued live ammo. When we got to Pope, there were C-141's and C-130's taxing, some getting filled with jeeps or crates of combat gear. Others were there waiting for us to file into, to fly wherever the mission was. After about one hour of watching this, some in my squad asked what was going on, so I went to my Lieutenant and asked. He told me we were going to be dropped in Israel's Negev Desert and see combat. Being a dumbass 19 yo, I saluted, went back to my squad and had them double-check their gear. After about 4-5 hours of this, it was called off, no reason and we went back to Fort Bragg.

I've remembered this after all these years because the incident came close to get my young ass shot at, and because although it wasn't a hot day, it was fairly warm. We sat on the concrete with full combat gear on and wearing our parachutes. It was like wearing several layers of thick clothes and it didn't take long before heat became a factor.

Why all this craziness? My guess is that Israel was planning on another war of aggression against its neighbors and was going to drag the USA into the mess. But Richard Nixon was running for reelection and someone probably told him it wouldn't look good to have American kids coming home in body bags right before the Fall election, so Nixon canceled the Zionist party. The ‘official’ Watergate story, about bumbling burglars breaking in to steal DNC files and bug the place to secure Nixon's reelection never made any sense. Nixon was cruising to victory, there was no need to steal the files. So yes, what eventually happened to Nixon was probably payback from our Yid Overlords for daring to say NO to their madness.
The question of what Helms knew about Watergate still matters because, amazingly enough, after 40 years later, we still don’t know who ordered the burglary or why. As [Reuters columnist and Watergate buff Jack] Shafer told the Poynter discussion, “I’ve read all the books, listened to all the lectures, and even eaten dinner in the Watergate and I don’t know why Nixon’s people broke into the DNC twice and bugged it.”
Nixon stood up to Israel only because it might cost him the election, as it was, it cost him the presidency.


  1. I read that Watergate was about pedophile rings(s). Files. Shoot, long shot to find out where I read it, or which video I listened to. I would now like to find the source.

  2. Don't worry. No US administration would send troops to or near near Israel. They know full well that those troops will return home as true antisemites. Just as Irish UN peace keepers in Lebanon became rabid antisemites as a result of dealing with Israelis

  3. Americans will die for Israel. That what we do.

  4. The more or less same scenario happened to me in 1980; the Iran hostage rescue.
    We (Tactical Recon) were in Texas setting on the tarmac ready to go, when the chopper collided with that C-130, out there in the windy Iranian desert..
    Mission aborted..

  5. You really have to see this (on Libya)

    Benghazi Whistleblowers – The story behind the cover-up - CTM #670 John B Wells

  6. I have already wrote about how the June 1967 "Six Day War" was absolutely an act of pure aggression by these Jewish maniacs.. And now we have the evidence that the Yom Kippur War was also a homicidal act by these mentally insane lunatics as well....

    Well, what would we expect from a bunch of crazed psychopaths?

  7. Yep,i typed you over 4900 words and your blog system would not accept it.
    Imagine that,land of free and i am limited by words.
    I tryed eliminating and still could not get in
    so,here is the short.
    Good to know you were another brainwashed pawn on the gameboard
    which actually makes you the sociopaths or psychopaths??
    Not the ones at the top.
    They live the good life,oh i digressed in so many ways and had 5000 plus words,
    an essay.
    I thought it was about Rob Woodward status in life
    For ,from then on,he writes his books and the talking heads go to him for thoughts.
    So he became a household name for the intelect crowd????
    Is he not a great j e w ???
    Just remember,Hitler gets credit for gassing jews
    He is in history as madman.
    But in reality
    All the pawns that like to yes sir,no sir and shining your shoes
    are the real sociopaths,psychopaths.
    Please never forget that fact
    I digressed from those thoughts and could not get that essay into you.
    The uneducated, simpleton, fool on the hill version
    Oh well


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