Wednesday, February 15, 2017

King Bibi Comes a-Shekeling!

Now that the head Khazar Land Thieves, Nuttyahoo is in DC to make sure his DC bitches are carrying out his commands, 'shekeling' the faithful and disciplining those who erroneously think they're supposed to serve We the People, let's look back on some of his gory accomplishments.

Bibi giving Gaza a warm embrace with White Phosphorous, which most of the corrupt West cheered.

Bibi's handiwork in Gaza, which the West rewarded the murderous Khazar land thieves with more money and weapons.

And Israel's 9/11 masterpiece, which had some help from corrupt elements in the WH, Pentagon, CIA, FBI and NSA.

"MAZEL TOV from Israel!"


  1. the entire "Jewish" narrative is a LIE,7340,L-4923084,00.html

    the 9th commandment forbids "bearing False witness"...

    the Old Testament is not about the Gog & Magog "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism

    SEE JOHN 8:44 !!

    Miliekowski should be ARRESTED and prosecuted for MASS MURDER
    9/11 and Mass Murder of real SEMITES in Palestine




  2. I feel a little indignant over the JEWISH MEDIA in America
    and the so-called "new administration" treating our neighbors
    so shabbily for the global "JEWISH" crime al.

    why is there always no "balanced" reporting as to how the victims of
    the GLOBAL JEWISH CRIME SYNDICATE have to be "our" enemies...?

    seems knda one sided does it not...all "JEWISH" all the time
    24/7/365...around the clock..all the time...everywhere.

    how about a global POGRAM....?

  3. Yup,King Bibi(Nutingyangho)
    Just remember my friend,the King lives like a king.
    All those disturbing pictures are victims of brainwashed soldiers taking there orders and enjoying there sociopathic privaledges.
    All those pictures are done by sociopaths,men in uniform,brainwashed soldiers defending there freedoms.
    As long as there are brainwashed soldiers to do the work of educated scum that live grand lives.
    You will get to blog your whole life and weep for the victims of the educated scum sick war games.

  4. My favorite tune about war
    Stevie evens sees what you people see.
    Have to see the quick reference near end of tune.
    This tune should strike a chord with you,considering the sickness of the pictures you share.
    Go ahead ,sing along
    or listen and weep to truth

  5. Congress gave Netanyahu 23 standing ovations in 2015, and 29 standing ovations in 2011. The speech in 2015 took place one day before the Purim holiday. Instead of cheering and throwing money his way, they should be arresting him for war crimes.


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